jonghyun base teaser
Jonghyun is one of the best vocalists and hottest visuals in K-pop who’s also a member of one of my favourite boy bands, SHINee. He’s finally going solo this month after two successful stints as the undeniable star of SM The Ballad, and it’s going to be life changing.

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JoJo The Dino Beauty will be showcasing his unbeatable singing skills with collaborations with songstress Younha and Korean R&B maestro Wheesung, as well as serving the overstyled swag and trendy beats that define everything about SHINee and sister group f(x) with his lead single, “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)”.

“Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” has been described as a “neo-soul punk inspired retro pop song with a medium tempo.” It features rapper Iron from popular hip-hop survival series Show Me The Money, which will hopefully help the song smash the charts (we all know Koreans will buy anything with a rapper they perceive to be ‘real’ attached to it).

I already know for a fact that Jonghyun’s album, titled Base, is going to be amazing for three reasons: 1) The last three SHINee albums were off the chain, 2) Taemin’s solo album also slayed, 3) It’s Jonghyun, duh.

Jonghyun will hold his solo showcase ‘BASE of JONGHYUN’ (sounds so sexual tbh) on January 8. He’ll then hit the music programs starting from January 9th’s Music Bank, followed by the full Base mini-album release on the 12th.

You can check out the MV teaser and concept photos, which look exactly like every other MV teaser and batch of concept photos you’ve ever seen from SM before, below.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Jonghyun, darling, you had me at “neo-soul punk inspired retro pop song with a medium tempo” <333 I'd take a hit in the jaw for this man, ya'll.

    I can NOT wait for the 12th!!!!!!

    • lol i love SM’s press releases with their million randon adjectives to describe a song


    I love when you can tell an artist is heavily in control of what they are releasing, it just makes Jonghyun’s solo debut that much…yummier. He looks so damn good, this is gonna slay, I’m so ready for this.

  • James Smith III

    I am love with the fact that SM is allowing their groups to shine, by letting the members themselves do solo projects. Its like SM learned from YG playbook from a couple of years ago, but I must add that SM releases have been more solid.

  • snailsong

    I will never understand Taemin getting a solo before Jjong (or at all tbh) but I’m here for anything that get’s Jonghyun to ditch that awful blonde hair :/

    • oneclearnight

      taemin’s solo was p good imo but yeah, it was a bit ridiculous that he got one before jjong/onew. sm loves taemin tho so i wasn’t surprised. they push him so hard.

      • snailsong

        ia taemin’s solo was surprisingly good but i’m kind of getting sick of sm releasing so many male solo projects -.- hoping amber pulls a 180 and goes girly for her solo debut tbh (imagine the media play!!) because otherwise i’m not really here for it.

        • oneclearnight

          i guess they think they can make more $$$ out of male solos :/. ia, 4 in a row is overkill. i’m looking forward to amber’s solo as long as she’s singing. she can go girly if she wants to. i just want sm to let her (and other soloists they might have lined up) just do what they want, image/music-wise. smth different from what they do as part of their group.

  • i’m horny.

  • Marhaebwa

    He releases a Zion-T collabo prerelease called “Deja-Boo” in 5 hours.
    Standby for slayagae.

  • oneclearnight

    give this to me now tbh. he’s got some great collabs lined up too!!! younha, zion.t….

    i love the fact that sm is giving everyone solos now. probably so more ppl won’t leave.