jonghyun base teaser
Jonghyun is one of the best vocalists and hottest visuals in K-pop who’s also a member of one of my favourite boy bands, SHINee. He’s finally going solo this month after two successful stints as the undeniable star of SM The Ballad, and it’s going to be life changing.

jonghyun gif

JoJo The Dino Beauty will be showcasing his unbeatable singing skills with collaborations with songstress Younha and Korean R&B maestro Wheesung, as well as serving the overstyled swag and trendy beats that define everything about SHINee and sister group f(x) with his lead single, “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)”.

“Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” has been described as a “neo-soul punk inspired retro pop song with a medium tempo.” It features rapper Iron from popular hip-hop survival series Show Me The Money, which will hopefully help the song smash the charts (we all know Koreans will buy anything with a rapper they perceive to be ‘real’ attached to it).

I already know for a fact that Jonghyun’s album, titled Base, is going to be amazing for three reasons: 1) The last three SHINee albums were off the chain, 2) Taemin’s solo album also slayed, 3) It’s Jonghyun, duh.

Jonghyun will hold his solo showcase ‘BASE of JONGHYUN’ (sounds so sexual tbh) on January 8. He’ll then hit the music programs starting from January 9th’s Music Bank, followed by the full Base mini-album release on the 12th.

You can check out the MV teaser and concept photos, which look exactly like every other MV teaser and batch of concept photos you’ve ever seen from SM before, below.