jjcc fire
At some point last year Jackie Chan decided to get in on the growing Hallyu wave in China by launching his own K-pop group. I assumed that his boy band, named JJCC (it means Jackie Chan Joint Cultures), would be some terrible gimmick who’d crash harder than JC Chasez’s American version of AKB48, but JJCC are actually pretty good.

I guess it helps when you have Asia’s biggest star bankrolling you. (ALPHABAT needs to hook up with Chow Yun-fat, ASAP.)

JJCC debuted last year with the gorgeous R&B ballad “At First,” and then followed up with the addictive “Bing Bing Bing,” which was like a mixture of the cheap Korean dance-pop of 2009-2010 with the more polished hip-hop and EDM of today.

Their latest single “Fire” is their glossiest effort yet, with an expensive music video and mutable hip-hop beats that make it pretty similar to what the rest of K-pop’s mid-tier ‘hip-hop’ boy bands are doing right now. Not that it matters. (I don’t care when girl groups all use the same Brave songs and sexy concepts, so it’s certainly not a problem when boy bands do it too with their faux swag and B.A.P b-sides.)

“Fire” has some corny lyrics, but the earth-shattering bass, trap ticks, retro rave synths, and endless grunting are all a tonne of fun. It does sound a bit like an old B.A.P song, but that’s okay.

I also dig the ’90s fashion in the MV, like that messy member in the H.O.T denim overalls and the red vinyl suit that was stolen from the set of Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion.

By the way, one of the members if really manly and good looking, and another one is super tall. If anyone has any fancams or clips of those two being sexy on variety shows, I’d really appreciate it if you sent them my way and then gave me three minutes alone with them. Thank you.