hyorin coach me 2
After YG Entertainment brainwashed an army of gullible losers to stan for their overrated WIENER/iKUNT groups through their carefully edited Mix ‘n’ Match survival series, Starship Entertainment quickly followed with a show of their own called No Mercy.

One of the future members of Boyfriend 2.0 must have won a rigged challenge or something, because he’s just been given his own collaboration single with future K-pop legend Hyorin and ex-JYP rapper San E.

It’s the sexiest thing you’ll hear all week, with Hyorin breathlessly whispering over squelchy synths about being a submissive student to her younger –but oh-so-manly and virile– lover.

The lyrics are more sexually-charged than most of the naughty girl group singles from last year, with references to S&M and drunk fucking (also known as ‘Friday night’ to Hello Venus).

It’s as if I wrote this song myself with Seungho or Yongguk in mind…

Anyway, in my scientific opinion, “Coach Me” is about one billion times better than San E’s woeful duet with Raina from last year, but maybe I’m just a glutton for filthy hip-hop.

In other news, Hyorin has confirmed that a SISTAR comeback is happening this year (as expected), and that she might make a solo return too (more surprising).

There are many things to do,” she told Sports Seoul. “The preparation of a new SISTAR album, activities with the members, and I would like the opportunity to release my own solo album again. Unfortunately there were many things I missed on my first solo album. Despite not having completed these shortcomings of the first album, I want to prepare better for the second album.

She also says she’s been composing songs and hopes to get them included somewhere, but so far Starship is cock-blocking her from becoming the Korean Prince.

I’m here for more solo Hyorin, but she needs to come with something original this time. There’s no point going solo (or doing SISTAR19) with songs that sound so similar to SISTAR or other artists.

What do you think?

[Via All About Hyolyn]