hello venus wiggle wiggle cover
I wanted to post Hallo Vagina‘s new strip club anthem “Wiggle Wiggle” the second they debuted it on Friday’s Music Bank, but I was waiting for the music video to drop first.

As it turns out, Hallo Penus are now so poor after the supreme floppage of “Sticky Sticky” that they can’t even afford an MV (I guess the soldiers they perform for aren’t big tippers), so all we get is a choreography practice video.

That’s okay, though, because the choreography is amazing–which is very important for a song about using your dance moves to pick up a guy at the club before taking him home to show him your moves in the bedroom.

Brave Brothers’ production on “Wiggle Wiggle” is surprisingly fresh, with the formulaic hitmaker ushering in the new year with a new sound.

It’s fairly low-key style by K-pop standards, with a foundation of rumbling hip-hop bass peppered with synth bubbles and HV’s seductive whisper-singing. The only major change of pace is the pre-chorus, which sees Brave pull the rug out from under the song with a drum break as new member Seoyoung wails for you to move your hips and shake dat ass.

This part has received some unfair criticism for being too jarring, but it’s an essential part of what makes “Wiggle Wiggle” so great. Seoyoung’s shriek is a battle cry to every bitch out there to get to #werq and go #ham, whether you’re dancing or fucking. It also stops the song from getting too monotonous; without her wailing, we’d all be stuck in a twerk-induced stupor for all eternity.

Besides not having a music video, Hello Venus did everything right with this comeback following the failure of “Sticky Sticky.” Brave’s new sound, a trendy concept, addictive choreography that tries to get in on the Hani “Up & Down” craze, Lime’s return to rap, Golden Proportions Nara front and center the entire time–everything hits the right spot.

Unfortunately, “Wiggle Wiggle” is completely flopping right now. Even if you don’t like the song, I feel like HV should be rewarded with a hit just for being so pretty and having such great bodies. This is K-pop after all. To the beautiful go the spoils! Or at least they should in Hello Venus’ case.

  • lildarien

    Oh my.. that bit where they grab eachothers shirts and lift up.. had to rewatch that one a couple times.

  • crayonpunk

    The choreo is a major step up from what they’ve done in the past, I just wish it was all as great as the shirt-grabby part. The rest of it is kinda meh in comparison, which is disappointing because they can’t do that move on music shows anyways.

  • Cityscape

    87th ranking (atm) isn’t bad. Their last single topped at 87. :/
    87 단계 상승 12재생 담기 위글위글 상세정보 페이지 이동

    헬로비너스 |
    Hellovenus 5th Digital Single 위글위글좋아
    뮤직비디오다운로드폰 다운

    • mcf

      It was in the 20’s earlier in the day. Hopefully it will climb back up.

  • James Smith III

    they are trying to come for the KWEENS WASSUP

    • Db

      Funny cause WA$$UP totally bumped up their image for Shut Up U. They’re still trashy, but with better clothes.

      Now if only RaNia could make a fucking comeback already and complete the Trifecta of Trash as I am now calling it!

      • lol i was thinking about rania the whole day as i obsessed about wiggle wiggle.

      • Quang Phạm

        Meanwhile, Rania’s Kween Di constantly posts pictures on Instagrams…

      • James Smith III

        RANIA!!! Omfg tell me why I have forgotten about them. They need a comeback.

        • Db

          Last I checked, Saem was out and replaced with a new girl called Sharon. When I posted this yesterday, I went onto a Rania tumblr and noticed there was another new girl, Hyeme, but no sign of Jooyi. Supposedly, Jooyi is still in and was only absent for that one event, but good god they are an absolute mess!

          • James Smith III

            Thanks for tea

          • Quang Phạm

            OMG I stan so hard for Jooyi and Saem. If Jooyi left they would become to ultimate trash with no singing talent.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Jarring? More like horrifying you meant. That part is beyond terrible, that chic can’t sing and Alice should’ve just taken over it. The song would be better as a whole.

    Still, I love the song and been twerking my ass to it (minus the shrill screeching part of course).

  • talinekae

    “without her wailing, we’d all be stuck in a twerk-induced stupor for all eternity”

    As much as her shrieks irritate my ears, this is very true.

    With that said, this comeback is basically HV cosplaying Wassup which is just hilarious to me.

    • William Love

      It’s funny because i downloaded an edited version of this song without seoyoung’s shrieking and after 4 or 5 listens, i felt like i had been lost in the back room of a strip mall gentleman’s club for 3 hours. her part definitely breaks up the song and keeps it from being a bit too repetitive. that being said, however, it’s still grating and i wish they had done her part better.

  • I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED ABOUT THIS SONG AND HELLO VAGINA! this song slayed so much that i decided i also love sticky sticky now… i even like seoyoung’s shriek and i totally agree with you about it being perfect for turning things around… i wanted to hate it, but everytime i play the song it does to me exactly what you’ve decribed.

    it’s a pity fantagio is trashier than pledis and even with these awesome and talented girls working their pussies off to try to make a hit they still flop. but well, wiggle wiggle got me back on the hello venus love and i hope brave brothers turn them into the 2015’s aoa.

  • Db

    I don’t see why we won’t be getting an MV due to budget issues. The teaser was the girls dancing against a black background. That can’t have cost them that much. Unless Fantagio blew all their budget on the giant jello molds for Sticky Sticky and the velvet volleyball uniforms for this concept.

    Seoyoung’s parts are jarring because she can’t hit those notes without the assistance of auto tune. They should have had her sing in a low register, like during the verses, or switched around her part with Alice, who seems to have better control over her equally shrill voice.

    The song is great no matter what.

  • byoing~byoing.

    I’ve got it on good authority (a random youtube comment) that the official MV will come out on Friday, which is perfect timing to boost their score on shows!

  • Quang Phạm

    What is a bra dance?

  • William Love

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I was twerking to this song for a good hour today. Nara makes approximately 80% of my faves look basic as fuck. However, I can’t get past seoyoung’s wailing like it sounds horrendous live. Also yeoreum could not be any more useless

  • oneclearnight

    lime’s rap slays!!!!!!!!

    this is so much better than sticky sticky in every way.

  • KingBeaArthur

    As much as I wanted to hate this comeback, I’ve fallen for this song! “Stanky Stanky” wasn’t necessarily a bad song, it was just boring imo. And I agree 100% on the wailing part! It does help break the song up and give it a little flavor at the same time. It was just that 1st comeback stage…caught me off guard o_o

    Also, I love Nara stepping up as HV’s ace! <3

    • MIKEE

      I’m waiting for Nara’s fancam to boost them into relevancy tbh.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I fucking love everything about this: the choreo, the outfits, the song, the jarring parts and the real thirst for a hit. Get em gurls!

  • Sunny

    crying cause this song should have been given to Wa$$up so that Queen Nada would give us some mo life changing raps and mo ass clapping.

    but i can not deny this song is a banger 9/10


    THIS IS MY MUTHAFUCKIN’ JAM!!! They deliver once again.

    Fantagio could have at least just given us a MV that was similar to the teaser; simple black background, spotlights, ass, pussy, and titty shots, with some beauty shots for good measure. But I’m expecting too much because they couldn’t even afford to give these girls new hairstyles!

    Lime: “I know ya lookin’ at my apple hiiiiiiip!”
    Nara: “Welcome to meet the dazzling Nara”
    Alice: “and Sexy Land’s Alice”

    **The greatest lyrics ever created in history, hands down.

    • YES!! i love it when k-producers show some identity from the groups their producing. everything in k-pop could be recorded by any group that when it’s obvious that song was produced to that specific one it’s a marvel

      • MIKEE

        YES! AGREED! Although most of Brave’s stuff sounds similar, I feel like he really put in some effort to differentiate the sound and make it a real HV track. Loves it!

  • James Smith III
  • Seoyoung;s Part is what made me Twerk. Those Drums instrumental >>>> Every KPOP Release this year

  • BadB*tch
  • BadB*tch
  • Mattey

    Seoyoung’s shriek is a battle cry to every bitch out there to get to #werq and go #ham, whether you’re dancing or fucking.

    Best thing ever 10/10 this song is twerkable and it’s great song to listen to while doing kinky stuff LOL