wiggle wiggle mv
It looked like Hello Venus weren’t going to bless their strip club anthem “Wiggle Wiggle” with a music video, but luckily the girls were able to find enough loose change under the sofa cushion to pay After School’s now unemployed Jooyeon $3.25 to haphazardly edit together some stuff they shot on their Samsung Galaxies during a recent trip to the club to perform private dances for sponsors.

The “Wiggle Wiggle” MV is so cheap that it makes RaNia’s videos look like Lady Gaga blockbusters by comparison, which makes it both incredible and atrocious at the same time.

Incredible in a trashy ironic way, and atrocious in a ‘how the fuck did they go from what they were before, to what they are now?’ kinda way.

Even “Sticky Sticky,” whether you liked the song or not, had one of the glossiest, greatest sexy concept MVs of last year.

Anyway, I love new Hello Venus, and I love old Hello Venus. I just love Hello Venus period. (Remember when they debuted and their name was stylized as ‘HelLOVEnus’? So iconic.)

In the spirit of HV’s monetary decline, here’s a few other $2 MVs that you may have forgotten about, or just simply never knew.

RaNia – Pop Pop Pop

INY – Shake It! Shake It!

Kwak Hyun-Hwa – Psycho

Ora aka Pre-Debut Alice – Naughty Face