wiggle wiggle mv
It looked like Hello Venus weren’t going to bless their strip club anthem “Wiggle Wiggle” with a music video, but luckily the girls were able to find enough loose change under the sofa cushion to pay After School’s now unemployed Jooyeon $3.25 to haphazardly edit together some stuff they shot on their Samsung Galaxies during a recent trip to the club to perform private dances for sponsors.

The “Wiggle Wiggle” MV is so cheap that it makes RaNia’s videos look like Lady Gaga blockbusters by comparison, which makes it both incredible and atrocious at the same time.

Incredible in a trashy ironic way, and atrocious in a ‘how the fuck did they go from what they were before, to what they are now?’ kinda way.

Even “Sticky Sticky,” whether you liked the song or not, had one of the glossiest, greatest sexy concept MVs of last year.

Anyway, I love new Hello Venus, and I love old Hello Venus. I just love Hello Venus period. (Remember when they debuted and their name was stylized as ‘HelLOVEnus’? So iconic.)

In the spirit of HV’s monetary decline, here’s a few other $2 MVs that you may have forgotten about, or just simply never knew.

RaNia – Pop Pop Pop

INY – Shake It! Shake It!

Kwak Hyun-Hwa – Psycho

Ora aka Pre-Debut Alice – Naughty Face

  • _craypopper

    Rania’s Pop pop pop is legendary. I wonder if the most badass bitches in the game will ever return…

    • Stadium

      Tbh they’ve just been doing shows in China atm, they’ve also added two members with Saem obviously now out of the group and Jooyi missing from their recent performance in China. However, hoping Jooyi’s not leaving because I need those vocals and from instagram, it seems she’s really close with the other members. There’s still hope…somewhere.

      • Quang Phạm

        Rania’s Wikipedia page lists Jooyi as a former member. I don’t know what to believe…

        • Stadium

          If she left the group I wouldn’t be able to be a fan as I am now tbh. The wiki actually down the bottom says she’s on hiatus and also ‘When asked about Jooyi’s absence, DR Music claimed that she was just a trainee and that Jooyi was simply unavailable at that time’. I refuse to believe they’d let such a great singer go. Wish they’d just kept 4 members after Saem left.

          • diamonddog

            She hasn’t appeared with them for about two to three months now, and has been “replaced” with Hyeme.

            The thing is… a lot of the information about Jooyi having left comes from the infamous CookieCrisp or one of her followers. CookieCrisp/digiworld1989 is a sociopathic “fan” who is pretty much single-handedly responsible for ruining RaNia.

            She leaked the whole “Ruk/Jooyi pregnancy” thing after one of Teddy Riley’s staff members called her a child, she harassed one of RaNia’s only Korean photographers (ieungg) out of the fandom because she objected to the way ieungg edited her photos, then when somebody commented on T-ae’s Instagram about how they missed ieungg, she went on a HUGE rant that caused T-ae to block her. What did CookieCrisp do next? She ran to Facebook and started posting about how she wanted to get the CEO to “punish” T-ae for blocking her.

            THEN she was responsible for the whole IngenioMedia/DR Music fuckup – SHE was the fan their comeback track got leaked to (she published the proof on her Tumblr) and then
            when RaNia’s manager confronted her and said they were thinking of suing her, she whined that she just wanted to show the world what a “garbage song” it was. Then the manager blocked her and she called him “salty” and “ungrateful”.

            She runs RaNian Central on Facebook, and claims that hers is the only fanclub officially recognized by DR Music, when DR has released a statement saying that’s bullshit. She’s also active in the Wa$$up and Kiss&Cry fandoms and exhibits much of the same behaviour there.

          • Quang Phạm

            OMG I don’t know if any of this if it’s true then it’s so fucked up of her. No wonder why Kiss&Cry and Wa$$up never lift themselves out of the rookie mud…

          • Stadium

            Well– sounds like a crazy person. However, I’m still holding onto Jooyi not leaving. Jooyi even posted this http://instagram.com/p/xtWAYnOQ0m/ today of them all and even Riko without the two new girls. Tbh I’m not so scared about it.

      • Hooch Cook-Erceg

        Saem’s gone? Damn, why is that?

        I’m probably in the minority of people who actually had her as my bias. :o

  • Misscami548

    No list of $2 MVs is complete without 912


    Also pop pop pop >>>> piggle piggle

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I’m obsessed with this whole era!!! Is the song charting at all? I’m curious.

    Let’s not forget 9Muses’ iconic on a budget mv for Glue (another smash for them tbh):

    • Glue looks amazing though, so they gave it an expensive feel even though it’s so simply and basic.

      Wiggle Wiggle is flopping so bad. It fell out of Melon top 100 after about 1 day LOL.

      • Suzy Sooyoung

        Well yeah I LOVE both the mv and song. The choreo for Glue really is hypnotizing. I love it! But it’s their cheapest mv regardless.

        So sad it’s flopping. I mean c’mon! Can netizens just confess their love for this song already without judging?

        • T-rollypoly

          Wiggle Wiggle is a great song, they just won’t admit that because HV is so much hotter than their biases.

      • I agree, Glue might be cheap, but it never feels like you are watching something cheap. I need their director/editor to teach me how to create sceneries and use filters like that for my instagram tbh.

  • James Smith III

    This proves that they spent most of their money on a hit song…they need to get up with whoever does Dawn Richard’s mv cause she does budget with class


    WHAAAAAAAT! Omg “Naughty Face” is so iconic, bless you Jacques…I had no idea…my life is complete…


    • Marhaebwa

      Yaaas I was gonna say. Thanks for introducing me to this ditty

      • MIKEE

        and to think i may have actually gone through my entire life having never known about this masterpiece…

        • Marhaebwa

          Sacrilege, sacrilege. Constantly bumping ORA on my way to work now…as if she’s Alice. Where’d that chick go?

    • William Love

      YASSS at this flawless back alley club perf

  • Riley Biers

    LMAO the first paragraph is literary gold.


    this is my fav shit video.. poor girl’s career was destroyed from the get-go because BoA’s retarded brother directed her debut MV

  • meowmel

    such a waste of a bop

  • parsley

    how could you forget our budget queen$ wa$$up and their technicolor masterpiece FIRE


  • Quang Phạm

    *bookmarked for future reference to $2 MVs”

  • William Love

    I need Alice to come perform naughty face at my local gay club because it would SLAY

  • hahaha i thought the same. the thing is so poorly edited that makes it hard to stan for it – i still love the song and these girls though. the worst of it is that you could make a simple dance ver. MV with some instagram filters and it would result in iconic tumblr material, but fuck fantaggio SUCKS BIG TIME! i feel kinda sorry fo H[i]V

  • pre-debut SNSD member Hwan Hee also had a debut with a pretty cheap-ish video (which I still like) :P But I think it had more budget than helLOVEnus’ song though


  • culchan

    with slightly better editing, some computer graphics on matted onto the walls, and a single costume change, and the quality of the MV would have been on par with After School’s “Bang”, 4minute’s “Hot Issue”, and most of SNSD and SuJu.


  • Guest

    Hello Venus used to be one of the freshest girl groups to grace K-pop when their debuted with Venus…then two girls split and when they brought in new members, reinvented themselves as colored-cheap RaNia. Now their music sucks..btw I’m relieved to hear that RaNia didn’t disband I thought they were goners

  • Neoli

    Really started to love Hello Venus now, Wiggle Wiggle its not Sticky Sticky Bounce Up and Down Slutty Level of shamazingness but its a good song.
    “I know you looking at my apple hiiiipppppp”
    Kwak Hyun Hwa Psycho Best Solo Debut Ever, Was my ringtone forever lol So bad but sooo good.