gfriend glass bead gaon
Rookie girl group GFRIEND a.k.a. G-Spot officially have a hit on their hands.

Their debut single “Ass Bead,” which is lifted from their first mini-album Season of Ass, just shot up 64 spots on the Gaon chart to reach a new peak of No. 25.

To give you a better idea of just how good this is, fellow rookies SONAMOO didn’t even make the top 100 with their single “Deja Vu,” while Hallo Penus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” only managed to reach No. 66 despite the fact that it’s the greatest song in the history of modern music.

I’ve been watching Melon closely since G-Spot debuted, and for the most part “Ass Bead” would either bob around the lower half of the chart or would fall out of the top 100 altogether (it’s currently not ranking).

To achieve a huge peak of No. 25, I’d say that G-spot’s agency either pulled a 1PS and did sajaegi (digital chart manipulation), or that a tonne of pressed SONES jumped online to check out the nugus who were copying Girls’ Generation and inadvertently ended up contributing a lot of streaming points to G-Spot’s digital total.

Or maybe it’s just a little from column A, a little from column B.


In other news, Nine Muses‘ instant classic “Drama” has debuted at No. 41. That’s not from a full sales week though, and since the song is still in the top fifty of Melon, you can expect it to jump much higher next week (I’ve got my fingers crossed for a top twenty entry).

Check out some G-Spot and Kween Muses performances below.