gaeko cheers
The world of Korean hip-hop can be a wildly uneven one. On one hand you can have unstoppable underground rappers out-rhyming your American faves and rich production influenced by multiple musical genres (much like K-pop is), and on the other you can have generic outdated shit like Yoon Mi Rae’s “Angel” or whatever gaudy, embarrassing clusterfuck G-Dragon has regurgitated after streaming Hot 97 on his Samsung Galaxy.

Thankfully, Gaeko‘s new all-star single “Cheers” (it features Yankie, Beenzino, and the adorable Babylon) does not belong to the latter category.

Like many good K-pop songs, it borrows fragments of Western music but turns it into something bigger, poppier, and more diverse. At one point, my boo Babylon sings about weekend party antics over squelchy “Loyal” synths, before the beat switches to radio-friendly Stargate snares, then to feel-good guitar riffs and handclaps.

It’s a lot of fun.

babylon 01 babylon 02

If you want more of the nation’s new first love, you can check him out in Untouchable’s funky “Clockwork.”

By the way, I just checked Melon, and for some reason “Cheers” is being outsold by the 8-week-old “Angel” and Mad Clown’s boring new single with Goddess Hani in the video.

WTF is wrong with Korea?

Maybe The ROK just isn’t down with the edgy lyrics of “Cheers,” which alludes to picking up an underage girl at a party then driving home drunk with her while the cops follow.

Their loss tbh.

  • man i have no idea how it’s constantly referenced/generally thought that beenzino is hot or whatever i like him but he doesn’t even stand out as attractive in this meager selection

  • snailsong

    the banjo/guitar sounded so much like ‘party in the usa’ i barely made it through, but Babylon’s (idk who he is but he’s cute!) bit was really nice :)

  • Pauler

    Beenzino is just ridiculously hot and the underground Korean hip-hop is phenomenal. Stuffs by Beenzino, B-Free, P-Type, Daily Beasts constantly blew my mind.

    Also, Babylon = drool-worthy.

  • Milo

    Song is damn catchy. Made it straight onto my playlist.

    (Completely unrelated; but you should check out ‘Fade Away’ by Yun Soll. It was released in December. And it is an incredible song. Unfortunately I don’t think there is an MV though

  • rrr

    No offense but I think it’s funny how you call songs like Angel or Fire generic when this is generic Top 40 pop / pseudo-hip hop at its best

    • It’s not pseudo-hop hop bit it’s definitely top 40 and mainstream I’m not denying that. but there’s good mainstream and bad mainstream. The production on this is great. The production on Angel sounds like an old Stargate beat from 2007. Nothing happens in it, it’s so pedestrian. Cheers is a great example of a really well done HIP-POP song.

  • true

    loving this song right now, i find Khiphop hit & miss you have great artist like epik high & then zico tough cookie.