exid hani fire
The true No. 1 visual in Korea right now is Hello Venus‘ golden proportions Nara, but the ROK is currently convinced that it’s a EXID‘s Hani (a worthy contender) so I’ll play along.

Mad Clown, a rapper who always needs female idols to turn his average Korean hip-hop songs into hits, has booked the trending Hani to look pretty and mime along to the less attractive Jinsil‘s parts in the music video for his new single “Fire.”

Hani looks incredible in the clip, combining the best parts of f(x)‘s visual all-kill (Sulli, Victoria, and Krystal) with a splash of Girl’s Day Yura to create one super babe.

The clip also features a photo of Hani from EXID’s “Up and Down” MV, proving that the song is now so popular that other artists are including it in their own singles to try and get a hit.

“Up and Down” FINALLY topped Korea’s Gaon chart this week after spending the past month stuck in the top five, and EXID picked up their first music program win on last night’s M! Countdown.

I hope they win some more this weekend, because that A Pink “LUV” reign is just getting ridiculous at this point. I can’t argue with GD & Taeyang‘s “Good Boy” winning though–y’all know that’s my jam!!!