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I had no idea that After School had any popularity in China, but I guess they do because they performed a three-song set on Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve Concert alongside Chinese Hallyu stars like Han Geng, Luhan, and UNIQ.

The group delivered passable performances of “First Love,” “Bang,” and a remixed cover of T-ara’s version of “Little Apple.”

Dragon TV probably wanted to book hallyu-dols Slay-ara for this, but they were busy performing in Korea at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon instead.

Anyway, as far as I know, this was Jooyeon’s final performance with After School. She’s now officially a free agent and is probably going to slip into irrelevancy soon unless something happens with her acting career or she keeps modelling in Japan.

As for After School, I hope they keep pushing on and don’t disband. I know people say that they should split for good because they’re flops now, but why not just ride this thing ’till the wheels fall off? They’re still fierce and fabulous and their J-pop music just gets better all the time.

I say let UEE graduate too (we all know she can’t wait to get the hell off this sinking ship), and maybe get rid of Jungah since she’s getting a little long in the tooth at this point (sorry love), and give the group a Korean comeback as five members. At this point, I think less is more for After School, and E-Young and Kaeun need a chance to shine without being overshadowed by the older members so they can get some individual popularity and recognition.

Too bad Pledis couldn’t get E-Young or Kaeun on Roommate or Real Men. Fail of an agency!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Crying over Jooyeon leaving ONLY b/c she gets to leave before my Uee (and I also I loved Jooyeon). I agree it’s time for Jungah to leave and let the younger set take over while they still have some life in them. Whether they score another hit or not, After School aren’t capable of not delivering.

    T-ara were perfect! Qri looked so beautiful :D

  • red+

    After school lost it when they fat shamed Bekah out the group. They haven’t been the same since.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    OK so I kinda liked Jooyeon so it’s sad it’s her time to go. Jungah is also one of my favorites but I guess her time is stretching. Thankfully, like u said, both E-Young and Kaeun are fucking flawless and they need to shine.

    UEE can leave anytime! LOLOL

    • UncleFan

      Kaeun is insanely sexy and makes Jooyeon look like an old granny. I’m hoping they replace Jooyeon with Yoonjo.

  • HavokWWE

    I don’t think Pledis would let Uee graduate until their really ready. She’s like the main breadwinner for the group followed by Nana so those two won’t be leaving until they fight the agency or Pledis has had time to make Kaeun or someone else more popular.

    I think at this point their agency is killing their chances in Korea. Right now they should be doing a Nine Muses and comeback like 3 times within the year that way they can still have their fanbase

    • JustJam

      Yeah, even if those comebacks are flops at least they’re showing their fanbase that they are still alive.

  • meowmel

    because of you after school was the best. sigh

  • i am devastated! jooyeon was my second bias from after school (after sex goddess nana of course).. she couldn’t sing shit but she is by far one of the top gorgeous women of k-pop.

    as for the group’s future i agree uee should graduate already, but i still want jung-ah on it and as the leader. after the memorable and underapreciated first love performances i renewed my love for them and the dress to kill album is PERFECTION. pledis is such a fail and all of its groups totally disappeared during last year, which is sad because i’ve always thought pledis’ groups had always great music. i just hope it goes back on tracks this year.

    and since it’s my first comment of the year: happy new year guys!

  • JustJam

    I agree with you here. Its probably for the better of the group if they were five. Their company isn’t even as rich as SME who promotes EXO, SuJu and SNSD to bulk-oblivion. We still don’t know who those ‘two’ girls that joined shortly before/after KAHI left…..

  • Riley Biers

    fucking lol @ jungah. poor thing is probably fearing for her life since she knows she has no hope w/o after school. i feel bad for UEE, she should have GTFO when she was hitting daebak a few years ago.


    Pledis is a fucking failure!!! They have seriously left every single one of their acts out to sea, I hate them so much. I 100% agree that they should let UEE and Jungah graduate and leave the group as 5 members. Kaeun has become gorgeous and E-young is multi-talented, so along with the other 3 divas I think the group could be unstoppable.

    But that’s all wishful thinking, Pledis is going to go bankrupt and I will never get to see my fave girl group make comeback. Wtf is life.

    I wish Jooyeon all the best and I’m happy she made it out of that gutter trash agency.

  • William Love

    Kaeun is a goddess and I want her and nana to center their next j-single. Also something tells me that pledis is letting all their acts (save OC) waste away cause they’re dumping all their money into stupid ass seventeen