after school dragon tv
I had no idea that After School had any popularity in China, but I guess they do because they performed a three-song set on Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve Concert alongside Chinese Hallyu stars like Han Geng, Luhan, and UNIQ.

The group delivered passable performances of “First Love,” “Bang,” and a remixed cover of T-ara’s version of “Little Apple.”

Dragon TV probably wanted to book hallyu-dols Slay-ara for this, but they were busy performing in Korea at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon instead.

Anyway, as far as I know, this was Jooyeon’s final performance with After School. She’s now officially a free agent and is probably going to slip into irrelevancy soon unless something happens with her acting career or she keeps modelling in Japan.

As for After School, I hope they keep pushing on and don’t disband. I know people say that they should split for good because they’re flops now, but why not just ride this thing ’till the wheels fall off? They’re still fierce and fabulous and their J-pop music just gets better all the time.

I say let UEE graduate too (we all know she can’t wait to get the hell off this sinking ship), and maybe get rid of Jungah since she’s getting a little long in the tooth at this point (sorry love), and give the group a Korean comeback as five members. At this point, I think less is more for After School, and E-Young and Kaeun need a chance to shine without being overshadowed by the older members so they can get some individual popularity and recognition.

Too bad Pledis couldn’t get E-Young or Kaeun on Roommate or Real Men. Fail of an agency!