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After School doesn’t have any hits in Japan, but technically they’re still probably the fourth most successful Korean girl group over there after the holy hallyu trinity of KARA, SNSD, and T-ara.

This March the group will release a best-of compilation in Japan containing all their Japanese singles like “Rambling Girls,” “Shh,” and “Because of You.”

Since the group doesn’t actually have enough Japanese singles to fill an entire album, the compilation will also feature random (but flawless) cuts like “Miss Independent” and a few remixes and alternate versions of random tracks.

01 Bang!
02 Diva
03 Rumbling girls
04 Because of you
05 Just in time
06 Lady Luck
07 Dilly Dally
09 Heaven
10 Shh
11 Ms.Independent
13 Bang! [Alternate Ver.]
14 Diva [Alternate Ver.]
15 Because of you [Alternate Ver.]
Bonus Track
16 Just in time [Alternate Ver.]
17 Tell me [Alternate Ver.]
18 Heaven REMIX ※Ver.名未定

I wish I could be excited for this because “Heaven,” “Shh,” and the Dress To Kill album were all some of the best Korean girl group J-pop that’s ever been made, but after hearing their last single, the truly atrocious “Shine,” I’m not that pumped.

Howwever, I do really dig the cream-coloured outfits and matching wig concept. If only they’d saved this look for another one of their life-changing Shinji Osawa collaborations instead…

I don’t really understand what’s going on with After School right now, but I hope that this ‘hits’ compilation is a sign that the group is about to close one chapter and start a new one. My body is ready for a #REVAMPED After School to come out and slay in 2015.

CD盤_Jaket_H14 after school japan best 04LIVE盤_Jaket_H14

  • Greatest Releases Vol 1

  • James Smith III

    I feel like they need to go back to basics and give us some PCD realness like they did with their debut

    • Akie Akito

      Agreed! Hard choreo, even with some basic-ass generic song. I fall in love with After School because of their stage presence and performance. Their pole-dance was legendary, but I need Kahi-era After School!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Loving the beige ‘twin’ concept, but it’s wasted here. I can’t with “Shine” though. 0/0

  • snailsong

    oh i thought the wigs were for a korean comeback a la snsd’s iconic ginger locks in the igab mv. japan loves ‘best of x’ tho so this should sell ok hopefully!

  • Akie Akito

    Taking fashion-tips from the Legendary Miss Britney Spears, I see with all of these “muted” and “warm” color. The impact of Godney! Slayyyy!

  • Marhaebwa

    Just listened to SHINE for the first time.
    I need whoever produced that, whoever allowed that to be published, and whoever gave them the right, to be held culpable and burnt at the stake.

    I am genuinely disgusted. When you have such flawless hits like HEAVEN, and they want to deliver this shit. “SHINE”? More like “DECLINE like a flower”, ‘cos that’s where they’re heading towards, until Pledis fixes their shit for 2015.

    HOT NANA >>> LIZZY >>> JUNGAH >>>>>>>>>>>>>> raina >>>>>> bye.


  • William Love

    yessssss at jooyeon’s graduation timing being so fucked up that they didn’t have time (or the budget cause lezbehonest) to re-shoot the cover

    • rrr

      Actually she’s promoting with the girls in Japan until summer because her contract with avex is still going.

  • oneclearnight

    For some reason I thought they’d already released a greatest hits album in Japan…

    Dress to Kill was flawless imo, it even rivals SNSD’s stellar first JPN album. But Shine is so horrendous it boggles my mind… the vocals are shit.

    • the only flawless thing about “shine” is jooyeon looking more beautiful than ever on the single cover

  • Matheus Torres

    It’s possible that releasing a best album so early means their Japanese contract is about to end. 4minute also had a best album (after just one studio album) before their contracts ended. If it’s true, no more Shinichi Osawa collabs in the future. :(

    • Bruno

      That’s usually how it goes with best albuns in Japan (unless you’re a big shot like Namie, releasing a ballad compilation and still selling 500k <3 ). I'd say avex is done with them. =/

  • Riley Biers

    so sad that this concept was wasted on a compilation album. they are the sexiest girl group to me tbh

  • SerferTJ

    A greatest hits album with no hits…
    The IMPACT of Kelly Rowland tho!!!!!!

    (I love her, but someone had to make that connection)

  • Nicole Naeun

    I’m digging the concept too!

    • yeaaah same here!

      and i’m with jacques that it should’ve been saved for a comeback concept because it looks flawless.

  • 364Leinad

    The impact of T-ara tho!

  • D K

    I’d hardly say they’ve had no Japanese hits. Here are the chart positions from the Oricon charts:

    Bang! #7
    Diva #12
    Rambling Girls / Because Of You #7
    Lady Luck / Dilly Dally #6
    Heaven #7
    Shh #12