4minute comeback 2015
I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: 4minute is one of my favorite K-pop groups. I’ve been a fan since their uber-cheap Japanese debut Diamond, but I graduated to full-blown stan after they reinvented themselves as a more fun f(x) with their wacky Brave Brothers hits like “What’s Your Name?” and “Whatcha Doin Today?”.

My girls have announced that they’ll be coming back next month, but “revamped.” I don’t know what that means –revamped sound? revamped image? revamped lineup? all of the above?– but I’m looking forward to it.

They were already perfect in my opinion, but 4minute have already gone through a couple of reinventions throughout their career and each one has been great (well, maybe not “Heart To Heart”…), so I have faith that their next phase will slay.

AllKPop says that they might return with double title tracks –“Mirror Mirror”/”Heart To Heart” style– so that’s exciting.

Check out 4minute’s ‘revamped’ comeback teaser below, and then watch a clip of the killer sphere from Phantasm that so obviously inspired it.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Revamped line-up without Other, perhaps? I can’t wait!

    Phantasm 3 tho..

  • Nicole Naeun

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if the title track is one from BB and one for Shinsadong T? I hope it would be like that!

    P.S. Heart to Heart has grown on me now that I love it lmao. And the other cutesy bubblegum b-sides from that album are amazing!

    • confession: heart to heart was the first 4minute song i actually liked lol

    • I actually feel the same, although it’s still one of the weaker songs in their discography (which is pretty flawless).

  • 364Leinad

    I love 4Minute but Whatcha Doin’ today was an absolute mess. At least What’s Your name flawlessly tributed two of the greatest musical acts in musical history (SNSD and T-ara). If they’re doing lineup changes then get rid of Sohyun. She’s obviously the dead weight of the group. Make her one of those pleasure-dols or something

    • AOACrayonholic

      KwonSeo is the ruler of this group.

    • rrr

      I don’t like Sohyun but let’s be real, Jihyun is the dead weight of the group. Bitch has the personality and stage presence of a brick wall.

  • DiliaGlasgow

  • culchan

    “Hot Issue” is my K-pop gateway song, early 2010 in Singapore. This was before I even knew K-pop existed as a thing. I didn’t know the name of the group or the song. Hell, I didn’t even know what language they were singing. K-pop wasn’t on iTunes at the time, so Shazam was no help. I had to “sing” it to a record store girl to get the info (I was a 40 y.o. overweight white guy at the time. I must have seemed adorable). A week or 2 later I found “HuH” and “Muzik” on YouTube, and soon after I realized that I’d heard “Fire”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Sorry Sorry” several times before, and the floodgates were open.

    I really hope 4minute doesn’t make a lineup change. Sure, JiHyun doesn’t contribute much beyond visual. I was optimistic that SoHyun had turned a corner in “Love Tension” when she had dance and rap solos and a sexier image, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck. Still, after a rocky year that saw lineup changes for KARA, Wonder Girls and, shit, even SNSD, and with 2NE1 and Miss A pretty much avoiding the studio, it would be nice to have some stability!

    • I was in the early stages of being into K-pop when I stumbled on 4minute’s I My Me Mine and it kind of blew me away by how fierce and electro the music was and that it could be just as good if not better than the Western pop I was listening to at the time, so I know how u feel!

      • culchan

        Totally! I wasn’t into music anymore at all when I found K-pop. The only tracks that really resonate for me are uptempo & electro (which is why it took me a long time to come around on SNSD: nothing hooked me until “Mr. Taxi”). K-pop also got me listening to EDM and mash-ups, and now I’m finding new music all the time.

        And speaking of finding new music, I gotta give thanks to the RKD blog for introducing me to my favorite new act of 2014, FEMM. I have at least 5 FEMM songs on heavy rotation. I doubt I would have ever heard any of it if you hadn’t written up “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” last year.

  • I never really paid much attention to them before (I think their name always confused me), but I really dug their last comeback. Plus this looks crazy in the best way! I hope its a batshit terrifying sci fi concept.

    Completely OT: But Jacques, I wanted you to know that I think you are awesome, and I love your writing. I had a tough 2 years, and I remember reading something you wrote once about losing the plot, and I realized that’s what I was doing (hence the name I use >.<). Anyway, I wanted to share the love and say I am a fan, and am always sad I missed out on The Prophet Blog.

    • Aw thanks so much. Last month I made the decision to stop posting on Western stuff and focus solely on Eastern music (with the little free time I have to keep this blog running I realized I had to focus on one thing instead of half assing two) and to also try get into a pattern of updating more regularly again like I used to back in those Prophet Blog days when I was relevant lmao, so it’s nice to hear kind words to see that it’s paying off.

      • Seems like the best decision to me! There is a drought online of fun opinionated views on Asian Pop. Most stuff seems to be stan dribble or poorly written.

        • You can say that again lmfao!

          I wish I had the time to blog here full time and then I could single handedly save Asian pop journalism/blogging/whatever, but sadly Arcadey doesn’t pay the rent!

      • Luke


  • ByronZ

    I have a question Jacques.

    Are you doing a ranking like you did last year?

    That’s the Bible for me :)

    • Definitely! If I have time I’ll try post it on February 4 so it’s exactly one year later

      • ByronZ

        Can’t wait!!!, thanks :)