4minute cold rain
When I wrote about 4minute’s impending ‘revamp’ last week I expressed how excited I was to see what the group’s next transformation would be.

It turns out that revamping 4minute just meant turning them into a female B2ST, which is totally fine by me. (Especially if it’s B2ST around the time of their two best songs: “Fiction” and “Beautiful Night.”)

Phominit’s doing the whole B2ST double title track thing for this comeback, so their first single is –surprise surprise!– a melancholy ballad called “Cold Rain.”

“Cold Rain” wasn’t composed by Kim Eana and Lee Min-soo, despite the fact that it sounds like it came from the house that Sunny Hill’s “Pray” built. (A house that’s also home to Hyorin’s “Lonely” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Cleansing Cream.”) It also sounds a bit like B2ST’s “On Rainy Days,” but it’s by no means a straight swagger jack of any of the aforementioned songs.

“Cold Rain” has enough of its own style to stand alone, with an odd, wriggly piano melody and a variety of vocals thanks to the stark differences between the members’ voices.

Everybody kind of shines in the way that they always do: 2YOON slay the vocals, HyunA does her flawless talk-rapping, Jihyun a.k.a. Other does nothing, and Sohyun a.k.a. Moonface is left to just copy whatever HyunA did because actual singing is way out of her wheelhouse.

4minute really returned to relevancy following the unexpected success of “What’s Your Name?” and the continued popularity of HyunA and Trouble Maker, and I’ve got a good feeling that their new album is going to take them right back to the top after “Is It Poppin’?” and “Whatcha Doin’ Today” under-performed.

Look out for HyunA and the Minutes to roll out their full comeback in early February.

hyuna gif

  • KingBeaArthur

    Other looks like she’s hiding a pregnancy in her outfit ._. how fashionably unfortunate.

    I’m IN LOVE! I never thought I’d want a ballad from 4Min, but they surprisingly surpassed my expectations. The song is gorgeous and Gayoon’s vocals on the chorus are A++.

    I can’t wait for the 2nd title track!

  • 364Leinad

    I didn’t see Sohyun at all until 2:47 so I thought “omg, I’m fucking psychic” then I realised that me dreams hadn’t become reality

  • HavokWWE

    I think you guys kinda give 4Minute a hard time for no real reasons when every KPOP girl group has the same connotations as far as members.

    Every group has the powerhouse vocal and secondary vocal who carry the songs, the dancer who can’t really sing therefore their a rapper, a visual who usually isn’t a great singer either but is popular either way and a maknae who is just there to make up numbers.

    Gayoon/Jiyoon are the Vocalists so if anyone wants the other 3 to be powerhouse vocalists then your just going to keep wishing.

    Jihyun is basically the visual and while she isn’t a great singer she’s very pretty and a good dancer.

    Sohyun is the maknae that once again makes up numbers.

    HyunA is the rapper (and please do not comment about how she can sing because she really cannot and she barely raps so she’s lucky she’s hot and can dance).

    A Pink has the same formula except they have 3 decent vocalists.
    Eunji – power vocal
    Bomi – secondary vocal
    Na Eun – useless visual
    Ha Young – useless maknae
    Namjoo – surprisingly decent other vocal
    Chorong – leader who can double as visual who’s useless as a vocal.

    • 364Leinad

      For this to apply though vocal talent would have to be remotely important when it comes to pop music

      • HavokWWE

        It is important which is why every group has at least 2 decent vocalists while the rest make up the numbers. In 4Minute’s case I feel like calling them moon face and other and saying they don’t do this or that while commending Girl’s Day and A Pink for snatching wigs while they do the utmost same thing.

        • Girls like Naeun, Yura, and Hyeri are all pretty and charismatic though. Moonface isn’t very pretty and Jihyun is the most uncharismatic boring idol in all of K-pop. I prefer Moonface tho coz at least she stands out, but I wouldn’t care if they fired Other.

    • oneclearnight

      I think Jihyun always gets the short end of the stick in 4minute bc she basically has the same role as Hyuna (visual, good dancer) but is really overshadowed by her. Plus she doesn’t have much individual popularity of her own outside of 4minute. Visuals in other bands (like Hyeri) are more popular in their own right, even if it’s just for variety or “acting” or w/e.

      In recent live performances she mostly looks bored out of her mind and half-asses everything, so I don’t even know if she is a good dancer bc she doesn’t even seem to try. I don’t think Sohyun is a good performer either but she does try harder imo.

      But I do agree that most girl groups aren’t that well rounded (the exception would be the amazing Brown Eyed Girls). Boy bands are basically the same as well.

  • I don’t get why they edited this in a way that Sohyun makes her first appearance lipsyncing to gayoon’s line at 2:29 … kinda OCD of me to hate that :P And they could have easily given her some more lines, Jihyun actually has a lot of parts (with zero substance and no real text… so yeah…)

  • byoing~byoing.

    It sounds more like The Seeya’s ‘The Song Of Love’ rather than Pray imho.

    It”s kinda interesting seeing Jihyun take more lines than her usual 20 sec feature then fade back into irrelevancy like she’s done since Mirror Mirror. It’s a really nice change of pace for the group though, but they’re strongest with Hyuna up front and 2Yoon slaying the vocals – so hopefully there’s another ‘Mirror Mirror’ or ‘What’s Your Name’ on the way.

  • Dhruv Angrup

    i am only looking at joy in that gif *_*

  • Justeen

    I like Moonface. Yeah she ain’t nothing special, but I think she has the potential to be….I don’t even know. Something good at least. But I think she’s a keeper, and she made me like her even more after seeing her in the “Whatcha Doin’ Today” MV. Jihyun is the real throwaway member. It sounds so harsh, but she literally adds nothing to the group, which is crazy because she’s supposed to be the “leader”. Plus she looks like she doesn’t even wanna be there most of the time anyway. At least Sohyun tries.

    • Quang Phạm

      Agree. Moonface together with HyunA always bring joy to the stage.

    • love moonface too! cube somehow managed to make her noticeable ever since “what’s yoru name?” and she shines on “is it poppin’?”

      • Justeen

        I don’t get why they gave her all that attention only to strip it all away and give her the short end of the stick with “Cold Rain”. She was barely in the video and it wasn’t just noticeable, it was completely blatant, like Cube was trying to make her insignificant. I hope they come correct with their next title track and actually make her look wanted.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I am pretty shocked with myself by liking this song so straight away. But I blame it on sounding like Cleansing Cream and Pray.

    Anyway I think 4Bidet would improve VASTLY and I would enjoy them WAY more if they just fired “other” and “moonface” and it was just HyunA and the Yoons – actually isn’t that an iconic name?

  • BadB*tch

    muh, boringgggg…. they do look fucking fantastic though

    • lol exactly what i thought. not that i don’t think 4minute can do ballads, i like some old album cuts (“badly” from 4minute left <3 <3 <3 <3 <3), but this one just made me snooze



    At around the 2 minute mark I was intensely trying to figure out who was missing! Then Moonface appeared out of the shadows almost a minute later and I could not stop laughing! Anyway I absolutely adore this song and while they may be channeling B2ST, I think they beat them at their own game with this track. And that gif of HyunA clearly low on fucks and Joy trying to figure out what to do in the presence of a goddess has made my life.

    P.S. I stan B2ST so don’t kill me! Lol

  • Akie Akito

    It does have a resemblance to Pray by one of my faves, Sunny Hill. Anyhow, I love this song. B2ST is well-known for their ballads and contemporary pop, so if 4Minute wanna go down in that direction, by all means, please. They are talented enough (minus Other) to be the female version of B2ST.

  • meh.

  • snailsong

    it totally makes sense for cube to take them the beast route since that’ll give them a bit more public appeal (i don’t really like the song but it’s a smart move considering how much korea loves this kind of ballad) + the visuals are really gorgeous (except for jihyun omg what is she wearing)

    hope their second song is a banger tho!!!!