4minute cold rain
When I wrote about 4minute’s impending ‘revamp’ last week I expressed how excited I was to see what the group’s next transformation would be.

It turns out that revamping 4minute just meant turning them into a female B2ST, which is totally fine by me. (Especially if it’s B2ST around the time of their two best songs: “Fiction” and “Beautiful Night.”)

Phominit’s doing the whole B2ST double title track thing for this comeback, so their first single is –surprise surprise!– a melancholy ballad called “Cold Rain.”

“Cold Rain” wasn’t composed by Kim Eana and Lee Min-soo, despite the fact that it sounds like it came from the house that Sunny Hill’s “Pray” built. (A house that’s also home to Hyorin’s “Lonely” and Brown Eyed Girls’ “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Cleansing Cream.”) It also sounds a bit like B2ST’s “On Rainy Days,” but it’s by no means a straight swagger jack of any of the aforementioned songs.

“Cold Rain” has enough of its own style to stand alone, with an odd, wriggly piano melody and a variety of vocals thanks to the stark differences between the members’ voices.

Everybody kind of shines in the way that they always do: 2YOON slay the vocals, HyunA does her flawless talk-rapping, Jihyun a.k.a. Other does nothing, and Sohyun a.k.a. Moonface is left to just copy whatever HyunA did because actual singing is way out of her wheelhouse.

4minute really returned to relevancy following the unexpected success of “What’s Your Name?” and the continued popularity of HyunA and Trouble Maker, and I’ve got a good feeling that their new album is going to take them right back to the top after “Is It Poppin’?” and “Whatcha Doin’ Today” under-performed.

Look out for HyunA and the Minutes to roll out their full comeback in early February.

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