tvxq with oricon
The great thing about being a TVXQ stan is that you know for a fact that you’re stanning for the biggest and best that K-pop has to offer. There’s no fear that you might be backing the wrong horse or that your fave is going to flop or disappoint you, because with TVXQ that just doesn’t happen. Who has more explosive comebacks than TVXQ? Who dances better than Yunho? Who is prettier than Changmin? Who still has sold-out tours and No. 1 albums after ten years in the game? Nobody but TVXQ, baby!

The legendary duo’s latest achievement is over in Japan (the world’s biggest music market, FYI), where their latest album, With, just topped the Oricon weekly chart with 233,000 copies sold.

This makes With TVXQ’s fourth consecutive No. 1 studio album and fourth album to sell over 200,000 copies in its opening week. With’s first-week sales are also higher than the duo’s last album, March’s Tree, proving that their popularity in Japan is in no danger of declining just yet.

With also breaks Bon Jovi’s record for the most consecutive No. 1 albums from a foreign artist, and ties Simon & Garfunkel’s record for the most times topping the weekly chart by a foreign artist.

See haters, this is what you get for making the FLAWLESS “Spellbound” flop in Korea. If you try to sabotage the Kings of K-pop in Korea, then they’ll just go straight over to Japan and break records in a far more relevant and lucrative music market instead.

Below you can listen to my two favourite With tracks: The ridiculously good Little Richard-sampling “I Just Can’t Quit Myself,” and the dubstep wub wub EDM “E.T.” knock-off “Answer.”

[Via Soompi]