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I’m generally against Music Core’s mandatory live singing rule because I don’t wanna see my fave idols tone down their choreography just to wheeze their way through a song that sounds much better lip synced, but I can make an exception when it comes to the likes of TVXQ, INFINITE, and Block B.

They’re all crazy talented and can slay a stage with live vocals, miming, or fresh jaw shaves that keep them from opening their mouths too wide, so naturally all three of them killed it on Music Core’s Year-End Special last night.

Even better is that unlike those awful rushed year-end award ceremonies where all the K-pop stars perform sloppy choreography that they learned in three days while their hit songs are butchered by cheap remixes, Music Core generally leaves the songs intact and has a great sound system to boot, so you really get to see the artists at their best.

TVXQ looked so hot, and they sounded so good, and they danced so great. How did they not have the most successful comeback of the year? Am I really living in a world where nugus like EXO and WIENER were more popular than TVXQ?

I can’t.

bette davisgif

Anyway, INFINITE and Block B were also amazing. I was particularly impressed with BB’s acoustic intro, which was a nice way to freshen up the song without ruining it Gayo Daejun style.

One of these groups will have the No. 1 song on my Best Boy Band Singles of 2014 year-end list, which I’ll have up in the next few days (along with a list for the girl groups). Please anticipate it.