tomomi itano come party
I’m no Tomomi Itano fan, but I kind of admire how little the washed-up ex-AKB48 star cares about silly things like making good music or being talented. Like current-day Britney Spears, Tomomi will happily shuffle out on stage and half-ass some terrible choreography while generic dance-pop blasts from a CD player on the side of the stage, all while having absolutely zero fucks to give about anything.

I gave her new single “COME PARTY!” (which isn’t exciting enough to warrant styling the title in all-caps with an exclamation point) a listen the other day out or pure boredom, and I realized straight away that I’d heard it somewhere before.

Turns out that “COME PARTY!” is a total knock-off of the semi-decent Girl’s Day b-side, “Easy Go.”

I tried to find out if the two songs shared the same producer, but couldn’t find any credits for “COME PARTY!”. The only thing I discovered was that the “Easy Go” producer also did a tonne of amazing songs like Rainbow’s “Gonna Gonna Go!,” T-ara’s iconic ballad “Falling U,” and KARA’s “Break It” and “Girl’s Power.”

Take a listen to Tomomi’s next flop below.