tomomi itano come party
I’m no Tomomi Itano fan, but I kind of admire how little the washed-up ex-AKB48 star cares about silly things like making good music or being talented. Like current-day Britney Spears, Tomomi will happily shuffle out on stage and half-ass some terrible choreography while generic dance-pop blasts from a CD player on the side of the stage, all while having absolutely zero fucks to give about anything.

I gave her new single “COME PARTY!” (which isn’t exciting enough to warrant styling the title in all-caps with an exclamation point) a listen the other day out or pure boredom, and I realized straight away that I’d heard it somewhere before.

Turns out that “COME PARTY!” is a total knock-off of the semi-decent Girl’s Day b-side, “Easy Go.”

I tried to find out if the two songs shared the same producer, but couldn’t find any credits for “COME PARTY!”. The only thing I discovered was that the “Easy Go” producer also did a tonne of amazing songs like Rainbow’s “Gonna Gonna Go!,” T-ara’s iconic ballad “Falling U,” and KARA’s “Break It” and “Girl’s Power.”

Take a listen to Tomomi’s next flop below.

  • Marhaebwa


    Exact same song (minus the key change at the end and some subtle-but-not-fooling-anyone melody changes)

    Girl BETTER hope there is a composer relation and one bruh didn’t just copy and paste or I smell a plagiarism suit…

    This also shows that if Girl’s Day released this as an MV, it would have fully slayed as a follow up to Expectation.

    • ohh i agree! it’s such a pretty track that would evoke their cutesy side amongst the full sexual dvias they were becoming at the time…. or it would be ignored form being too bipolar

  • KingBeaArthur

    Um, “Easy Go” slays, you cunt!

    WOW, this was a blatant copy + paste! She can’t even pull a Jolin Tsai and laugh the comparisons away smh.

  • Bruno

    Maybe she pulled a SM Entertainment and simply bought the song? (but it’s probably blatant plagiarism)

    • JustJam

      I think so too. The song and its beat are almost exactly the same.

  • Laurence Nope

    “Tomomi will happily shuffle out on stage and half-ass some terrible
    choreography while generic dance-pop blasts from a CD player on the side
    of the stage, all while having absolutely zero fucks to give about

    Haha this is such an accurate description of when I saw her at the J-pop Summit Festival. And folks were all crowding up closer to snap a picture of the “famous celebrity” even though they didn’t give two shits about Tokyo Girls Style actually slaying just minutes earlier…

  • Nicole Naeun

    You cunt! “Easy Go” is not decent, it’s fucking amazing!

    Btw I kinda love this has-been stealing from GsD, making that GsD domination reach beyond Korea! #BowDownBitches

  • OMG I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE t-ara’s “falling u”… it is probably one of my favorites from AFA…. uhg as if it’s possible to pick a favorite from that masterpiece

  • Anomaly

    it appears she bought the rights to GsD’s song — Han Sang Won is listed as the composer for both songs. looks like you jumped to the wrong conclusion, jacques lol.

    either way, sounds like shit in any language. at first i was wondering why anyone would plagiarize this song. now i’m wondering why anyone would remake it.

    • Haha no I didn’t, I said I didn’t really know coz I couldn’t find the credits, and I just put the headline for click bait lmfao.

      I agree on the second point though. It’s not a bad song but it’s just filler. She coulda picked something flawless like “Please Don’t Go,” although that would be weird since it’s actually good and Tomomi doesn’t do good songs!

  • Sunny

    horrible mess