tokyo girls' style hardboiled night
Starting in late July, Japan’s best girl group Tokyo Girls’ Style did one of those complicated release thingies that J-pop artists often do by putting out a string of limited-edition 7-inch analog singles to coincide with a series of special live concerts they were holding called ‘Hardboiled Night.’

Besides the amazing Tarantino-esque promotional videos the group used to promote this endeavour, the hard-to-find singles came with some seriously killer TGS tunes.

The two best by far are “Pale Blue Nocturne” and “Game,” the latter of which appears as a b-side on the group’s latest official single, “Say long goodbye / Himawari to Hoshikuzu -English Ver.”

Both tracks revel in the greatest parts of the TGS sound: retro disco-funk dipped in melancholy and filtered through a Japanese arcade. Every time the post-chorus synths on “Game” start howling, I’m reminded of just why I fell in love with this group in the first place.

You can listen to both songs below, and download the complete Hardboiled Night single with all the tracks over at aichuun.

  • Nicole Naeun

    TGS is seriously the fucking best! Like, where can you find this kind of creative music but Japan? I wish I spoke Japanese :( #TeamJapan

  • Prada Noona

    Game is absolutely flawless. I’ve been craving another perfect funky disco influenced song since Heaven dropped over a year ago (and is still snatching wigs to this day). I’ve never downloaded from aichuun before, so is there a download link that is recommended of the four presented?

    • I only just found aichuun the other day actually but all the links seem fine. Mega is usually pretty reliable.

      TGS are soooo good. And so is Heaven, which I agree still snatches wigs. I was listening to Dress To Kill just last night!

  • ICONI3

    Damn this is some fierce shit. I actually was looking for the latter song when I was watching their trailer for this single on yt. Reminds me of some mid 00s jpop(maki goto like).

  • meowmel

    TGS is awesome. saw them in singapore for free and they took pictures with us xD