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If you love gay tomboys like f(x)’s Amber or just have a plain ol’ fetish for chicks with dicks like Beyonce and Adam Levine, then Japanese girl group The Hoopers might be right for you.

The “seven girls dressed as beautiful boys” won’t officially debut until March, but they’ve already dropped a killer teaser video that features a lesbian kiss, lots of cartwheels, and way too many iPhones.

When will Amber?

The Hoopers are officially billed as the next generation of the semi-popular idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters, who also perform as an alter-ego boy band called Fudanjuku.

Fudanjuku’s hyperactive idol pop-rock is pretty hit and miss for me, so I hope The Hoopers come with something different. They’ve already said that they’ll debut with a ’90s male idol song, so I’m picturing some old SMAP single or something.

Take a look at the gender-bending teaser below.

[Via Tokyo Hive]

  • I am actually anticipating this. I think Korea tried this a little with a super jugular group that I can’t remember, but they didn’t go as far as the kiss. When will Amber?!!

    • allofkorea

      GI, maybe? It seems like they might be disbanding :/

      • Nicole Naeun

        GI is not even half near this awesome, they’re just basically girls with short hair, not an iconic “seven girls dressed as beautiful boys”

  • Nicole Naeun

    Fucking iconic concept!!! When will Korea?! Charice who?!

    I hope the song sounds amazing cuz they cannot just drop this fucking incredible concept and teaser, and release some decent generic tune.
    Jacques, please keep them on your alert so you can inform us as soon as the legendary tomboys invade the world~

    • KingBeaArthur

      “When will Korea?!” and actually follow through? Never.

  • Marhaebwa


  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m crushing so hard on one of them!!!! Japan and China are giving me everything lately! Korea…kind of over it..

  • Naiuhz

    Not the first JPop group to do so, Fudanjuku cross-dress too.


    Haruki is my Bae! When I first saw their videos on SBSPOPASIA I had fallen in love with her!