t-ara sexy love
After effortlessly conquering the Korean and Japanese music markets, T-ara continued their takeover of Asia this week with an appearance on popular Chinese program Hunan TV.

The angelic six performed their K-pop classic “Sexy Love” before showing off their charming personalities by interacting with the show’s star-struck hosts.

The hosts introduced T-ara as the “amazing Koreans,” before mentioning how popular the group has become in China and praising their traditional Chinese fashion.

You hear that, haters?

evil laugh gif
T-ara then showcased their various talents for the hosts and screaming audience, such as their natural beauty, sex appeal, Hyeri-slaying aegyo, powerful singing, and taekwondo skills.

Meanwhile back in Korea, all the trashy local groups with no international popularity are working themselves ragged to perform like cheap circus animals at all the K-pop year-end specials and award ceremonies.

It must suck to be a measly local group like WIENER and AOA with no overseas fanbase :(

Check out T-ara’s elegant appearance on Chinese TV below. As a bonus, I’ve also thrown in their recent performance from the Korean Music Wave in Beijing, which was filled with thousands of hysterical Chinese QUEEN’S decked out in T-ara merch stanning for hallyu’s No. 1 girl group.

  • byoing~byoing.

    dead at the sugar free video @1:23 where the fan sign says Tart instead of T-ara.
    So glad my legendary kweens haven’t had their career slowed by unjustified hate that has no evidence to back it.Slay those Chinese sales girls and show the jealous haters that you can rise above the petty Korean market.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Absolute perfection! Boram was giving me more than required during “Sexy Love”. I’m so happy China has welcomed them with open arms.

  • JammySmoochie

    “to perform like cheap circus animals at all the K-pop year-end specials and award ceremonies.” Did you just shade SISTAR’s performance? Oh my, I thought their performance was legendary. :(


  • Amber

    Hey, anyone getting Bo Peep Bo Peep vibes from 0:14-0:58?

  • Db

    I just love how they cut the performance and expected no one to notice Eunjung going from the back to the front of the formation at 2:30. QUEENS!

  • Rih

    how come ive only came across this today, BO PEEP BO PEEP 2014 version, and Qri is rocking bop hair in it slaysssssss http://youtu.be/FIWrFqQ3mqo

    • niyahhill

      Oh shit this is real? I thought this was extreme editing at first from just looking at the cover pic.
      But yes did you see the babes. Oh yes and no hwhoyoung.
      Also I wish those anime bitches would die.
      There blocking my beautiful t-ara!