sugar's campaign
If you’ve been following this blog for years, then you might remember back in 2012 when I stanned for Sugar’s Campaign’s “Netokano” and put it on my year-end list. I never posted on the Japanese synth-pop duo again because they never really did anything outside of some production work for other artists, but now they’re coming back with the release of their first studio album.

The album, titled FRIENDS, is set to drop on January 21st through Vector Records. It’ll contain “Netokano” of course, as well as their duo’s latest single “Holiday,” which is unfortunately impossible to find online unless you live in Japan and have an iTunes account.

Vector Entertainment recently uploaded a live performance that features a portion of “Holiday” (I think), and even though the audio quality and live vocals aren’t the best, it’s immediately clear that the studio version is going to be all kinds of incredible.

That’s the only Sugar’s Campaign music that’s available so far, but there’s a few songs floating around that the members produced individually: Avec Avec did an official remix for Tokyo Girls’ Style from the amazing Maltine Girls Wave compilation, as well as this twinkly little pop jam for Izumi Makura, while Seiho has a cool synthy ’90s house track called “Gold” out on YouTube.

You can check out the live performance of some of Sugar’s Campaign’s new music below.

[Via Arama Japan]