shannon daybreak rain
Shannon finally made her solo debut earlier this month with the midtempo ballad “Daybreak Rain,” but the 16-year-old is already well-known in the K-pop world. She was first discovered as a contestant on the singing competition Hidden Singer, before signing a deal with CCM that led to collaborations with T-ara and some guy from SPEED. She was also extremely close to joining the now defunct F-ve Dolls, but later changed her mind so she could become the next BoA (her words, not mine).

Like BoA’s “Only One,” “Daybreak Rain” breaks the usual stand-and-sing style of most ballads by going for extreme choreography instead. Shannon’s uber-talented, so watching her dance like a superior Ciara while serving serious vocals as rain falls down around her is a pretty impressive sight. It also helps separate her from the other idol soloists out there, most of whom can’t sing or dance as well as she can.

The song itself sounds like a less innovative version of 2NE1’s “Lonely” sung by Ailee. As far as mainstream K-pop ballads go, “Daybreak Rain” isn’t on the level of B2ST, K.Will, Baek Ji Young, or anything from SM, but it’s a good enough song elevated by a talented artist and a strong concept.

There’s definitely a space in the K-pop market for someone like Shannon right now, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll bring in 2015.

Is it bad that I already want her to make a generic comeback with Duble Sidekick, Sweetune, or Brave Brothers?