hyuna men's health
Nine Muses‘ crazy cat lady Hyuna is showing off her bangin’ body in a new pictorial for Modern Cat magazine Men’s Health.

A brief article accompanying the photo says that the full shoot will be released in January, when Nine Muses make their comeback.

I guess this means that promo has officially started!

Gangnam Goddess Euaerin also appeared on some variety show with new jet black hair this week, further increasing anticipation for the comeback of the millennium.

By the way, I decided that if Nine Muses don’t work with Sweetune again, then I want them to work with Rado, who did “Nasty Nasty” and SISTAR’s “Touch My Body”. What do y’all think?

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I say that if they lost all those members, maybe it’s time to revamp the sound. And yes that producer sounds just fine. Let’s hope they get the BEST material tho, not some SISTAR reject!

    The kweens need to SLAY so Leesem regrets her decision and comes back! *prays*

    • I wish we knew why Leesem left. I feel like maybe it was because Star Empire stupidly kept giving her less lines and screen time when originally she was the group’s main member. They should’ve never pushed the queen aside to make her disgruntled enough to leave, she’s one of the prettiest idols in Korea, even compared to actresses.



      • Db

        I was under the impression that Leesem was much happier being a vocalist rather than a rapper. Sure she got less lines in Dolls and Wild, but Gun and especially Glue gave her decent parts.

        She probably got tired of dealing with Star Empire’s shit and decided to pack her bags.

        • Bruno

          Leaving 9M was more than understandable for Leesem (and Eunji/Sera as well), especially If they were dealing with the level of bullshit presented on that BBC Documentary for all these years.

          And to think that Star Empire is probably not even in the top3 shittiest record labels in Korea (looking at you, TS Ent.)

          • _craypopper

            Have you forgotten the ZE:A stuff earlier? No, Star Empire is, if not in the top 3, at least in the TOP 5 of shitiest companies.

          • Bruno

            Actually I don’t remember anything regarding ZE:A. Were they raped by their CEO? Or do they make less than 500 dollars a month like B.A.P? Are they chinese running away from the country? Tell me. /o/

          • _craypopper

            It’s basically about shady the company is about profit distribution and even mistreatment of it’s artists. It “ended” with Lee Hoo hiatus: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/126268/20141021/ze-as-leader-lee-hoo-moon-junyoung-announces-hiatus-through-twitter.htm But you can find a gazillian articles of him complaining all over the webs kpop websites.

          • Bruno

            Oh, NOW I remember that. It was only a couple of months back, wasn’t it? It probably got buried in my mind between those SM clusterfucks with members leaving left and right or something, so I completely forgot about it.

            But yeah, thinking about it, TS probably deserves their top3 placement among the shittiest korean ent. companies. <3

  • t-errorist


    Love her cat’s cover of Hyuna’s Red. ♥


    • I CANT

    • Db

      I normally hat cats, but for Moon Hyuna I’ll make an exception.

    • Bruno

      THE SHADE OF IT ALL. Bless your soul, seriously <3

  • Db

    9M had better stick with Sweetune. The two create magic together.

    I’m eagerly anticipating.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      agreed. 9M x Sweetune are songmates matched in heaven… and when its made from up there, you know it’ll slay souls (see: T-ara x S.Tiger)

  • ZeeHang

    MY QUEEN! T______T Can’t wait for their return!

  • _craypopper

    I need my 9muses fix ASAP!

  • Prada Noona

    I would like for Nine Muses to work with east4a. If they get a “Moody Night 2.0” as their promo single, I will die from perfection. I can already see them slinking around the stage and stealing all the boners.

  • O.

    I don’t think my poor little heart could take a 9Muses/Sweetune breakup. :(( But I guess if they had to, someone like Rado or S.Tiger would be okay.