nine muses 2015 comeback
When Nine Muses lost the holy trinity of Leesem, Sera, and EunIWANNAGOSOLOji, I was worried that the world’s most criminally-underrated girl group was finally coming to an end.

Not so!

The Muses will rise again, with a comeback set for January and their revolving-door lineup to receive an undisclosed number of fresh faces.

I assume that one of them will be Nasty Nasty’s bizarre-looking backup dancer Sojin, and I can only hope and pray that Star Empire has two other leggy babes ready, willing, and able to fit Nine Muses iconic supermodel-dol concept.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Kweens’ comeback, and I was wondering what it’d be like if they worked with somebody outside of Sweetune. Before the thought of the Nine Icons separating from my favourite producer would be cause for the death penalty, but after seeing the way KARA successfully reinvented themselves with Duble Sidekick after Nicole and Jiyoung split, I’m starting to think it’s not such a bad idea.

Plus, we all know STELLAR gets the best Sweetune songs now. “Mask,” anyone?

What do y’all think?

nine muses erin gif

  • ICONI3

    Damn I forget they even existed.

    • James Smith III

      Don’t say that…

  • Nicole Naeun

    Technically, KARA didn’t reinvent themselves with Duble cuz their music remained the same synthy dance pop and to be completely honest, it wasn’t the fresh comeback I was hoping for music-wise (still love the song tho it’s great).

    i’ve been thinking abt it too, but unless they can find someone really fresh and unique, I think they should stay with Sweetune cuz Sweetune has been amazing in exploring the many charms of Nine Muses (Figaro to News to Dolls to Gun etc etc).
    But I def recommend Nine Muses to work with OnePiece, it’d be like Lovelyz but instead of singing about candy jellies, the girls would sing about sucking lollipops!

    • meowmel

      agreed their songs with Sweetune were the best

  • ZeeHang

    *praying hard they will finally be popular*

    • meowmel

      they did really well in 2013… then they disappeared -_-

  • t-errorist

    Everything will be fine as long as queen Hyuna is still in the group.

    • Db

      Moon “Crazy Cat Lady” Hyuna will always be best Hyuna in my heart.

  • Db

    I honestly think 2014 wouldn’t have been so tragic had 9M made a comeback.

    They should stick with Sweetune. They always bring their A game with 9M. I mean, Figaro to Glue has been the perfect singles run any group could ask for.

  • Stadium

    I’m kind of uneasy about new members but then again they’ve had new member before. This is the first time I’ve had to see it as a fan of them though so I guess it’s different. Just give me something as good as wild.

    • James Smith III

      At first it’s scary and then you learn to love all the members because they all become flaw free by the their second round of promotions with the group, I think Sungah and Hyina are the only new members to truly hit the ground round

  • meowmel

    i saw them in december 2013 in singapore… so happy to see them again =D

    • What is Singapore like? Lately I’ve wished that I could visit there lmao.

      • meowmel

        Small country with a hot and humid weather.
        but its safe here and we have the best airport in the world xD

  • Quang Phạm

    I kinda want they work with Sweetune once again and forever (cause I’m a sucker for their songs), but I also want them to change up a bit and maybe with change they can finally become popular.

  • Lady

    They’re consistently flawless with their releases and one of the few K-pop girl groups that can manage to do that, hence why they’re one of my faves. And because of that I rather have them stay working with Sweetune.

    I have to admit that they also were great pre-Sweetune, but not as flawless though. As long as their comeback is flaw-free, I’m fine with anything.

  • Bruno

    Speaking of Duble Sidekick’s recent work with KARA, I wonder if he’s the responsible for the remix they performed on this year’s Gayo Daejun, because that shit was flawless and gave new life to a song that was already great.

    • Db

      T-ARA had the best Gayo Daejun remix of all time though.

      • The reason this worked so well was because it’s an actual professional remix, as opposed to some cheap rushed thing that was made a week before the show like most acts do. The lessers need to watch n learn how it’s done from T-ara.

        • Db

          My thoughts exactly. However, the remix they chose to perform isn’t even the best one on the album! I still think the Big Room version is perfect and the best out of all of them. It’s without a doubt my song of 2014.

          • Lilacbenson

            Yasss i vooogue to that beat break!!

      • Arsanst

        Their remix was undoubtedly my fav lol T-ara looked so laidback girls night-out-at-the-club ready.


        • Db

          Jiyeon is one fine-ass sexy woman! Ever since they came back with Number 9, she’s been doing things to me that make me question my loyalty to Eunjung as my ultimate #1 bias in kpop.

          • she’s completely won me over! she’s my ultimate bias probably, if i cared for that shit lol


        i choose this remix!!

        • Db

          That was so much better than the original! With a little more polish it could have been the actual single.

          • i like the original but this one was FANTASTIC! they all looked good and owned the rapping…and even gayoon managed to be sexy – which is not an easy accomplishment for her.

            no words on hyuna! that bitch is the hottest ho on the world!

        • James Smith III

          This would’ve slayed as a single!

      • Lilacbenson

        Yes LAWD t-ara hwaiting,im still not over the iconic roly poly era but they stay slaying tho hows that even possible!!

        • Db

          I had a roly-poly fever some time last week and must have played the song on a loop for a good hour. So good!

          I do have to give the slight edge to the Copacabana version though. I’m a sucker for 80s music.

    • Explicit.

      Am I the only one that thought the remix was terrible? I didn’t even make the halfway mark because it was just no. Just no.

      • meowmel

        you are only one lol

    • it ain’t bad but it isn’t half as good as the original song.

      • Bruno

        Yeah, the original is miles better, but I like how they caught us completely off guard by randomly going from disco to urban for a hot minute there. <3

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    ICONIC news. I don’t know if I will survive without Leesem tho. It’s just heartbreaking!

  • yosafbridge

    I just watched the Nasty Nasty MV and I have to say I can’t quite agree that Sojin is “bizarre looking”. She looks a bit like SPICA’s Bohyung except with better features and she has a great figure.

  • Arsanst

    I’m typically eh about member additions but Sungah is everything and wasn’t Kyungri was an addition too iirc so I’m not too worried.

  • William Love

    my hope is that they pick up at least two more strong vocalists to fill the massive void sera (and to a significantly lesser extent, leesem) left behind. also… nah they don’t need another rapper. i saw sungah try to rap eunji’s second verse in glue and it was fucking pitiful

  • O.

    tbh they could comeback as 6Muses and I wouldn’t mind. I mean, when have numbers really mattered in kpop, right?