nine muses 2015 comeback
When Nine Muses lost the holy trinity of Leesem, Sera, and EunIWANNAGOSOLOji, I was worried that the world’s most criminally-underrated girl group was finally coming to an end.

Not so!

The Muses will rise again, with a comeback set for January and their revolving-door lineup to receive an undisclosed number of fresh faces.

I assume that one of them will be Nasty Nasty’s bizarre-looking backup dancer Sojin, and I can only hope and pray that Star Empire has two other leggy babes ready, willing, and able to fit Nine Muses iconic supermodel-dol concept.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Kweens’ comeback, and I was wondering what it’d be like if they worked with somebody outside of Sweetune. Before the thought of the Nine Icons separating from my favourite producer would be cause for the death penalty, but after seeing the way KARA successfully reinvented themselves with Duble Sidekick after Nicole and Jiyoung split, I’m starting to think it’s not such a bad idea.

Plus, we all know STELLAR gets the best Sweetune songs now. “Mask,” anyone?

What do y’all think?

nine muses erin gif