flower little mix
Well, this is random.

One of my readers (@fiancebeyonce on Twitter) recently won a competition to have a Christmas dinner with Little Mix, and during polite conversation member Jesy mentioned that they’d recorded a song with Japanese girl group Flower.

They didn’t mention any specific details, but did say that they might shoot a music video for it, which I guess confirms that the song could end up being a single at some point.

They also mentioned that they’re working with Jessie J for their upcoming third album, but who the fuck really cares about that?

Little Mix’s style is completely unsuited for Flower and vice versa, so a collaboration between the two feels a bit misguided. Does anybody expect to see the clutzy ‘curvaceous’ Little Mix members gracefully twirling around to piano-driven J-pop ballads as beautiful foliage falls down around them? Although I’m sure they can both find some generic midtempo track that suits them both; Flower’s “Akikaze no Answer” could almost be an X Factor single with a couple of tweaks.

Little Mix’s popularity has been growing in Asia over the past year, so this unholy union pretty much confirms that they have plans to focus more on the Japanese music market in the future. They’ve already released a Japanese version of their Back To Basics b-side “Wings,” and in February they had two wins at Japan’s Gold Disk Awards, which awards the highest-selling artists of the year on the Oricon charts.

Before we know it, Little Mix is going to be the new Dempagumi.inc!

[Via @FianceBeyonce]