kara jumping million
I was happy to learn today that KARA’s old hit, the buoyant “Jumping,” just received a RIAJ certification for 1 million downloads in Japan.

“Jumping,” first released in 2010 in both Korean and Japanese, is actually one of the less successful singles from KARA’s peak years, and is generally considered by fans as an inferior and forgettable hit compared to the group’s signature song “Mister” or the still mind-blowing “Lupin.”

While that is most definitely true (the $2 music video alone is reason enough to hate the song), I still have a soft spot for “Jumping” despite the fact that I wouldn’t rank it in my top ten favourite KARA singles. It’s probably because it was the main single from Girl’s Talk, the album that turned me into a full-blown Kamilia after I initially wrote the group off when I first seriously got into K-pop.

With that said, I still think “Jumping” is unfairly maligned and shouldn’t be forgotten as part of KARA’s incredible discography, if only for the fact that it’s the best example of the group merging their signature synth-pop sound from Korea with the energetic idol-pop of Japan (something they soon abandoned in favour of more J-pop-friendly euro-dance).

Now if only “Runaway” and “Damaged” lady could sell a million copies too, then I’d be really fucking happy.

[Via Arama Japan]