Humming Urban Stereo
Humming Urban Stereo are always pretty generous when it comes to releasing new music, so I wasn’t surprised to see that they’d dropped a brand new album this week just six months after their last one.

For the most part, HUS’ music can be split into two categories: catchy electronic pop, and lounge-y, sample-heavy instrumentals. The group’s new album generally falls into the latter category, although there’s a few tracks towards the end that feature guest vocalists.

HUS stans will love Delicacy, although I thought the band was heading in the right direction with their poppier Reform mini-album earlier this year that featured K-pop stars like Narsha, NS Yoon-G, and G.NA. If the band sticks to this formula and tries to book more K-divas and idols for collaborations, they could easily have some big crossover success in 2015.

Take a listen to Delicacy below.