hellovenus wiggle wiggle
With the exception of the incredible “What Are You Doing Today?,” Hello Venus’ music has never been anything more than just good, but I’ve gone from a fan to a stan since the group made their slutastic transformation with November’s ‘Sticky Sticky.’

It’s not like a Korean girl group adopting a sexy concept for attention is anything new, but Hello Penus have been so ride or die with it that you can’t help but be impressed by their desperation and sheer perseverance.

I thought ‘Sticky Sticky’ was as far as it would go before the group would switch back to their feminine girl next door style, but in the past month they’ve dropped porno dance practice videos, performed on stage in school girl fetish outfits and flesh-coloured bodysuits, and flooded their social media accounts with suggestive photos. It also helps that they’re one of K-pop’s most beautiful girl groups with an already established name and fanbase, allowing the Hello Venus ladies to stand against the nugu groups that strip for success and get nowhere doing it.

Of course, Hello Venus is just playing in the house that STELLAR built while failing to have STELLAR’s originality or the intelligence of their underrated meta-pop singles like “Mask” and “Marionette,” but the fact that they’re such failures just makes them more fun for me.

HV’s next attempt at stardom is to release a new adults-only digital single called “Wiggle Wiggle” in a bid to capitalize of the moderate viral success of their recent Jason DeRulo dance covers.

The MV teaser is crazy, revealing extreme close-ups of the members gyrating in booty shorts — all butt crack, camel toe, and twerking.

The only thing anywhere near as erotic is 4L’s “Move” teaser, which once again, was just a copy of STELLAR.

Turn your nose up at Hello Venus all you want, but you’ve gotta admire their dedication when so many other girl groups like FIESTAR and EXID didn’t have the balls to take their sexy turns all the way.

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