gwen stefani spark the fire
Before I pressed play on Gwen Stefani’s “Spark The Fire” music video, I officially decided that I was going to support the song after slamming it initially. I reasoned that I didn’t like Madonna’s Pharrell-produced “Give It To Me” at first either, and then it ended up becoming a favourite of mine (along with the underrated Hard Candy album).

Then I actually started the video, heard Gwen shouting “OMG OMG I’M BACK AGAIN,” and I realized that I just can’t.

With that said, I do think this is a pretty fun song whenever Gwen isn’t shout-rapping all those terrible lyrics about herself. It clearly should’ve been a pre-comeback buzz single, though–there’s no way this will become a legit hit.

On the visual front, the official “Spark The Fire” music video is just as amazing as the single artwork. Unfortunately, there’s still some tacky product placement, which was my biggest issue with the “Baby Don’t Lie” video.

Anyway, why am I so surprised by this mediocre era? The Sweet Escape was almost this messy too. L.A.M.B. was the only truly flaw-free and legendary era from Solo Stefani.

Her last real slayage was No Doubt’s “Settle Down,” which was one of the most underrated singles of 2012.

Anyway, check out this ageless beauty squandering her talent and plugging Fiat below.