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I try to make it a point of hating almost all things YG, especially when it involves the drowsy human Jigglypuff Lee Hi or will.i.am’s recycling bin G-Dragon, but I’ve somehow fallen in love with the Hi Suhyun unit AND that damn GD X TAEYANG.

I know.

what is happening gif

Unlike Lee Hi’s past music, “I’m Different” is less bad Duffy b-side and more Beyonce sampling The Soul Searchers on “Suga Mama” with a splash of TaeTiSeo’s pop gloss, while GD X TAEYANG’s “Good Boy” is hot enough to revive the twerking craze just a few months after it officially died.

car twerk gif

Seriously, “Good Boy” is the kind of sick beat I expect from CL, not that convoluted noisy American zombie G-Virus.

And while we’re being honest, I’ve also secretly stanned for Taeyang’s “Mouth Ass Penis” for months now…

Am I sick? Did I hit my head? Did the world go to shit and now it’s 20 years later like in The Last Of Us and I’m just doing my best to survive in these harsh modern times?

In my defence, I still hate WIENER and I want Park Bom thrown in jail for her drugs/singing crimes, so please don’t call me a YG stan. It’s not my fault that YG raided JYP and SM’s hard drives and found some good songs for once.

  • S. Neichev

    LMAO why such hate for Bom tho?

    • damnoooo

      everyone hates ziploc containers. They’re always so loud & the lid never fits right.

  • Steve

    The car GIF is giving me everything I need right now.
    Like how does she do that??

    I guess I will now listen to the songs…

    • I’ll learn how to do it and test it out on you. You can be the car.

  • Riley Biers

    Ugh judging you for liking GD x TY tho..

  • KingBeaArthur

    I’m indifferent to Hi Suhyun, but I’m done with you for liking “Good Boy”!!!!

  • Db

    Et tu Jacques!!!

  • Nicole Naeun

    After all these years you coming at my weave for stanning Princess Hi and loving Akmu’s debut song, you finally cope into the cute charm of Princess Hi and ugly charm of Akmu girl!!!
    I expect by the time Hi’s solo drops, you’ll be 25/8 stanning hard for her!

    As for stanning GDxT, ew, that’s just low.

    • I actually still can’t stand Lee hi she’s one of the most boring artists in K-pop, she really has zero charisma, but the Hi Suhyun song is so good and much higher quality than her cheap solo releases.

      • Nicole Naeun

        Omg didn’t you know that Hi is all diva-y and acting as a mean-bitch senior in that survival YG show. it’s so iconic, she’s def not boring! She’s the Mariah of K-Pop cuz she can sang and is also fat!

  • CY


  • Sunny

    i listened to both songs but felt genuinely uninterested. i really can’t get into YG even when i try. the fashion (as usual) in the “good boy” MV just makes it worse…. Some might find their image “cutting edge” but i think its just ridiculous. the lady gags of kpop everyone.

  • oneclearnight

    I knew you’d see the light with Hi Suhyun!!!!

    I still hate Good Boy tho. I think I am actually allergic to GD.

  • Quang Phạm

    I still can’t stand GD’s voice though.

  • ComingforyourRicecakes

    I only care for Seungri solos from YG. You can keep this stuff

    • I’m usually the same with the exception of this year. Seungri’s solos are fucking amazing,

      • ComingforyourRicecakes

        Just admit it Jacques, Taeyang’s tits from Head Shoulders Knees and Toes have rendered you into a YG stan!


    Hi Suhyun slays. Somehow they managed to program a personality into the Hi-bot, I’m living for how cheeky she is this time around!

    As for those who shall not be named, I will never forgive you for this Jacques. What’s worse is that you actually came out of the closet as a Taeyang stan, I’m fucking disowning your ass!! You have brought shame to your family, I am expecting 27 written letters of apology, then and only then will I consider dropping the charges I have brought forth against you. I will not stand for this!!!

    • honestly you and all the other #haters would be stanning for Good Boy if it was CL or someone cool like that. The song slays. It’s just that it’s G-Virus and Lameyang that people are hating.

      • MIKEE

        Omg if CL released this trash I would question my entire existence! Granted I hate them both, but I’m a fan of GD when he’s in a duo and with BIGBANG so that’s not the issue. The song is just terrible and that MV! ATROCIOUS! Plus, I stan for true artists like WA$$UP and Purfles who are kind enough to bless us unfortunate souls with the most flawless flops ever created.

  • mcf

    Despite not particularly liking Lee Hi (kinda boring), I loved Hi Suhyun.

    Much better duo than AKMU.

  • vjx89

    Good Boy is life.