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After briefly hitting No. 1 on Melon’s real-time chart a couple of times this month, EXID’s “Up & Down” has now been sitting comfortably in the top spot for well over a day now. At this point, the sleeper hit has basically become the sexy version of “Bar Bar Bar,” rocketing EXID to relevancy and turning Hani into K-pop’s new trending visual, and it’s all thanks to pervy girl group fancammer, Pharkil.

Pharkil previously declined a dinner invite from EXID to thank him for recording the famous fancam, but Hani finally got the chance to personally thank the horny otaku this week when she spotted him recording her from the audience during a recent performance.

Hani’s reaction is the cutest thing ever, and let me tell you, if you didn’t have a crush on her before, then you will after seeing this. She radiates a goddess-like aura that’s simultaneously sexy, innocent, and cute all at once. She’s so perfect that she makes your bias look like a pre-debut pre-surgey Sunhwa with the body of Super Junior’s Shindong by comparison.

EXID is probably going to win first place at least once on this week’s upcoming music programs, and I don’t expect anything overshadowing “Up & Down” until the first major K-pop release of January drops, whatever that happens to be.

That EXID reign…

[Via Netizenbuzz]

  • Nicole Naeun

    Don’t you guys just wanna shove Block Head to the back of the stage so you can look at only Hani?

    • Db

      Is blockhead Jung Hwa aka useless maknae?

  • Sunny

    so beautiful!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Hani is GOD

  • Db

    Your biases could never!

  • KingBeaArthur

    Ok this has gotten out of control! Why is this song a hit now?! Don’t give me the fancam excuse, cuz I ain’t buyin’ it! Consider me an EXID anti now.

    #fuckHani #fuckEXID #TeamBESTie #TeamBossBitch #Illuminati

    • yosafbridge

      I have a genius idea to propel both EXID and BESTie to superstardom. Yedang and YNB decide to merge. They decide to re-integrate their respective crown jewels EXID and BESTie into one SNSD-rivalling supergroup EX-Besties. The struggle to put behind past hurts and misunderstandings and put out a mini-album and corresponding music video play out amidst the human drama of past band-mates forgiving each other and coming to terms with the fact that they’ll working together permanently again. This will be chronicled in an 8 episode reality TV series culminating in the new supergroup debuting their new MV and first live stage in the final episode. I predict an record TV ratings,all-kill on the singles/albums charts, perpetual CF endorsements for Hani and Haeryung, a Japan crossover album and a decade old stranglehold as the nation’s next GG.

  • yosafbridge
  • meowmel

    i ship both of them

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    no one can overthrow EXID’s hit as of the moment. no one has released a note-worthy christmas song yet. there’s just one single that comes to mind that might come on top.


  • UncleFan

    This is a great moment in uncle fan history, TBH.

  • johnnybravo831

    I really started to notice Hani when Dasoni happened, and I’ve been a stan ever since. Glad she was the one to put them on top, cuz she was SO slept on as the last remaining OG EXID vocalist after the BESTie girls jumped ship. (LOVE me some BESTie though, don’t get it twisted).

  • culchan

    1. Hani’s awesome, but god I wish she’d lose the bangs.

    2. Hani’s awesome, but LE will mess you up.


    • LE RULES! she’s the thing ever since that gorgeous “every night” video… it’s awesome how she moves from guetto rapper to sexy idol… and actually i think it’s great she’s on a pure pop girl group, can you imagine if she had joined YG and became a fake hip hop crap like everything from YG-except-CL?

      as for hani’s bangs, i actually like them lol

  • culchan

    3. A Message to Pharkil:

    You’ve posted over 1,700 videos on YouTube, you’ve got over 50,000 subscribers and about 40 million views, and tomorrow it will be 2015. (Actually, in Korea, it already IS 2015.)

    FFS, can you learn to hold the damn camera horizontally when shooting video???

  • justpassingby

    Hani auditioning for JYP, she was so shy back then..who would’ve thought she’d turned into a goddess!