clara gwiyomi
Clara –actress, model, tabloid fixture, and professional scandal-maker– is still hell-bent on becoming the next Shim Mina with her own successful music career.

She already slayed the house music genre with “Invitation” before proving that a worse female rapper than Iggy Azalea exists with “Fear.” Now the unpredictable chanteuse has gone the cute route and blessed us with a much-needed remake of Hari’s ridiculous “Gwiyomi Song”.

For those of you that don’t know, ‘gwiyomi player’ is the name of an adorable series of hand gestures used to show aegyo (‘Cutie Player’ in English). It became a thing in South Korea in 2012, and then spread across Asia the following year when irrelevant singer Hari turned it into a children’s song that went viral and briefly made her popular enough to perform in Filipino shopping malls.

Now Queen Clara has brought her unique touch to the cutie classic, adding some drum beats and 8-bit effects to spice up the production, and giving it a music video that just screams “PLEASE GIVE ME A VIRAL HIT LIKE PSY.”

I mean, it has Stan Lee in it. STAN LEE. That’s almost as cool as Lovelyz referencing Dali in “Candy Jelly Love.”

“Gwiyomi Song 2” sees the 28-year-old singing like a five-year-old while looking like a cross between Katy Perry and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and that’s pretty damn fabulous in my books. Clara’s camp fashion recalls Uhm Jung Hwa circa “D.I.S.C.O.” or Seo In-Young during “Into The Rhythm,” and the song is the kind of dumb novelty trash that anybody with a sense of humour can have some fun with.

Also, the fact that Clara conveniently released this just a few days before Christmas when nobody has any new music out just so she can get on the Gaon top 100 for once fucking slays me.

ClarAllah is coming for that No. 87-for-one-week smash!