CL dirty vibe
When Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” video started playing and the camera panned out to reveal an African dude in an army helmet, my first thought was that G-Dragon was doing blackface. When I realized it wasn’t him I was a little disappointed, if only for all the poor Jezebel and Salon interns that wouldn’t have a new cultural appropriation scandal to hyperventilate over this Christmas.

Instead of doing blackface, GD just pretends he’s part of Mad Decent by rapping in front of a bunch of dreadlocked bikini babes, before playing gangsta dress-up with gold chains, a pimped-out car, and a hip-hop posse that includes a toddler from the hood and Vanilla Ice in a ski-mask.

While Gimp-Dragon makes a damn fool of himself, your girl’s lesbian crush CL saves the day with her #swag and iconic Prince-referencing raps.

There’s also her ***flawless #fashion, which is like Rita Ora if Rita Ora was less contrived and actually put together her own looks instead of having her stylist cut and paste shit from the runway.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Iggy and Nicki are already shaking in their butt implants after seeing the Dr. Pepper diva slaying so hard in what is really nothing more than a terrible Skrillex single. Imagine how hard she’ll come when she actually has a good song like “The Baddest Female” or “MTBD,” but in English?