Photo credit: Audrey Magazine
In the past decade Ameriie has gone from being the best and most underrated female R&B artist in the game (well, next to Kelis of course) to becoming a near forgotten musical relic from the mid-2000s.

She’s now in the process of trying to stage a comeback, and unlike past instances, it looks like she’s actually serious about it this time.

She’s going on a small tour of the UK in March, she’s got her own YouTube channel where she reviews books and beauty products (seriously), she’s writing novels, and she’s recording two albums and an EP (she says one is a remake of sorts of Because I Love It, but with mostly new tracks).

Obviously I’m not foolish enough at this point to actually believe that the unsigned Ameriie is going to release two whole albums AND an EP when it’s been five years and Cymatika Vol. 1 still hasn’t even dropped yet, but if just one of those things comes to fruition then I’ll be deliriously happy.

Back in June she dropped the fun “Apache”-sampling “What I Want,” and today she delivered another new song, the slinky “Mustang.”

It’s nice to see Ameriie getting back to her synthier Because I Love It style, but listening to “Mustang” you get the impression that her ambition far outweighs her budget. It’s like listening to one of those cool half-finished Cassie demos that used to leak online every other week; they were great, but you were always thinking about how much better they’d be once they were tidied up and officially released on Electro Love.

Regardless, both “What I Want” and “Mustang” are strong enough to get interested in Ameriie again. I just hope she can stay on the comeback trail without getting distracted or sidetracked again. She’s too talented to turn into another Cassie.