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I’m a long time Pink Panda dating back to the “I Don’t Know” days, so it’s normal for me to love everything that A Pink puts out by default (with “Mr. Chu” at the top of the list and “Hush” at the bottom). However, it’s nice that their latest classic, “LUV,” is the kind of song that can be enjoyed by all pop fans, and not just those who are lucky enough to be part of A Pink’s blessed and exclusive fandom like I am.

Slay Pink’s music has always had some kind of retro twist to it, but they’re best known for being a throwback to the legendary 1st generation idol group S.E.S., who built their sound by emulating the manufactured Western bubblegum pop of the late ’90s and early 2000s. Think early Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera, Max Martin, and Billie Piper, with the kind of innocent touch that only Asian pop can truly deliver, and you’ll get Allah Pink.

And seriously, who doesn’t need more Mandy and Billie throwbacks in their life? Even pop fans that don’t listen to K-pop love that shit deep down.

Slay Pink have also gone #SugarFree for this comeback by scrapping their little girl’s fifth birthday party concept in favour of a picturesque seasonal backdrop and retro fashion that veers from chic to tacky depending on which outfit you’re looking at. The group’s lyrics get the same mature treatment, so instead of singing about their first crush they’re now lamenting over a lost love.

A lot of the best pop songs have a sunny demeanour with a melancholy underbelly, and this is one of them. It’s B2ST “Fiction” lyrics over vintage S.E.S. beats!

While “Mr. Chu” (arguably the group’s most sunshine and lollipops moment) is still my favourite Slay Pink single, their darker concept this time around paired with the irresistible turn-of-the-millennium pop production is an obvious recipe for success that’s going to appeal to the naysayers who have been calling the angelic sextuplet boring and childish since they debuted.

“LUV” is already destroying the Korean music charts with more zeal than any Slay Pink single ever has before, and by the time this era’s over, it’s going to be pretty clear just who K-pop’s new top girl group is — whether you like it or not.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Yes! I love this one ^-^

    After kind of losing me for a second with “No No No” (I don’t dislike it but it never hooked me like “My My” or “Hush” did) I was happy to come back for “Mr. Chu”, which left me unprepared for “LUV”! A Pink are nothing if not consistent – which is rare in K-pop nowadays when it’s so easy to go sexy or whatever Hello Fungus call that mess they’re doing.

    Does anyone else not absolutely adore the way Bomi says “v”?? I’m on the cusp of converting into a full fledged uncle fan just for her “v”!

    • I’m mostly the same as you, I didn’t LOVE NoNoNo at first either but it eventually clicked and now it’s one of my faves. All their singles are good though, and I actually like Hush I just don’t like it as an A Pink single coz it deviates too much from their usual sound. They’re really good group though, it’s cool to see how much they’ve blossomed and how big they’ve become.

      It’s so weird now how the last era of top tier groups like Wonder Girls, KARA, T-ara, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, and 2NE1 has passed, and now we’re really starting to get into the new generation which so far is A Pink, Girl’s Day, SISTAR, and possibly AOA (although they’re more like the ‘trend’ at the moment and haven’t cemented themselves in the same way that Girl’s Day and A Pink have).

      Tbh the last generation >>>>> new generation, but the new generation still slays IMO.

      • KingBeaArthur

        So true. I was OBSESSED with “Hush” when it dropped but re-visiting it now only elicits a mild response. My jam forever will be “My My” (followed very closely by the perfect “Mr. Chu”).

        Last gen for me as well, although I live for SISTAR! I’m just thankful KARA got a 2nd chance with “Mamma Mia” and Youngji. I wasn’t ready for them to die off like the Wonder Girls.

    • oneclearnight

      I love A Pink but it took me aaaages to warm up to No No No… I do like it now tho.

      lmao @ hello fungus

    • johnnybravo831

      YES! Can’t get enough of her “L-O-Bwi-E Lub”. While I typically stan for Namjoo (and still do cuz homegirl is always on point), Bomi totally owns this era for me. She’s looking hotter than ever and slaying the choreo every. single. time. Where others only look good when there’s a wind machine involved, Bomi is WORKING IT regardless. Bitch makes her own wind.

      Overall, this is hands down my favorite A Pink single as it feels like they’ve finally matured JUST enough to not be irritating and I look forward to where they go next!

      • KingBeaArthur

        It’s Bomi & Naeun’s hair flip for me this era! I’ve come to realize Chorong is quite useless ._.

    • Nicole Naeun

      Omg I’m ALWAYS annoyed everything k-pop star pronounce “v” as “bi” I want punch Bomi in the face lmaoooo!

      • KingBeaArthur

        How dare you!!! It only makes Bomi more endearing!

        *takes out earrings and prepares to fight* :3

    • Prada Noona

      Her “v” is my favorite part of the whole song. Every time she’s about to sing it, I pause what I’m doing to bask in its adorable glory. She’s climbing up my bias list with this comeback.

  • Sunny

    i love this song! brings me back to my childhood when i used to stan the spice girls. Apink has never had a bad title track and their other songs like Bubibu and Let Us Just Love are great too

    • bubibu was the track that not only turned me into a pink panda but also changed my whole mind world about the korean aegyo concept!

  • oneclearnight

    I think apart from some really tacky outfits, everything about this comeback slays. I think their vocals have improved too, they don’t need to rely on Eunji so much now. I definitely like melancholy A Pink as much as I like sweet/cutesy A Pink (Mr. Chu + My My are my fave tracks by them).

    • png

      While I am glad that APink is less like Eunji & Friends feat. Naeun now, I felt that an Eunji high note would have really made the bridge have more of an impact. It just felt like something was missing after that buildup in the bridge.

      • talinekae

        I think they were trying not to follow the same formula. As much as we love Eunji’s high notes, she does it in every title song. The other girls are more capable now so they don’t need it.

  • Anthony

    I love the delicious I-Net tears over A Pink’s success. You wouldn’t believe all the sajaegi accusations I see on twitter after they destroyed GD x Taeyang and Kyuhyun. They are definitely the future, no other girl group slays like this digitally and physically.

  • ComingforyourRicecakes

    Not a fan of LUV so I’m still #teamSistar for nation’s top faprag, but I might change my mind if A Pink release an SNSD Run Devil Run/Trick type single in the near future

  • Nicole Naeun

    First things first, lmaoo I didn’t know you’re a Mandy Less stan lmaoo!

    As for LUV, I like it at first, but now am bored with it. And I agree with netizens that they’re not suitable for any other concept except for cutesy. Their ‘sad’ faces are just no-no. Go back to teen school girls titillating otaku oppas, then I’m back in.

  • i love this song! i love how it sounds like “sometimes” with janet jackson-esque dance breaks.

    i love that apink is the only group at the moment that TRULLY feels like a k-pop group, with all the winks to the western music and the whole romantic aegyo shtick even when they’re doing dramatic over the top k-dorama like sad faces.

    i love that they’re one of the few groups on k-pop that HAS AN IDENTITY of its own and that musically, all of their albums since “secret garden” are perfect and materialize that identity.

    and i love to be totally on your boat about them being the next top group.

  • MusicBreaks

    Bomi can’t dance for shit…girlfriend is always distracting me in the group choreography. She has a sweet and lovely voice, but if she’s screwing up the dance I think they should have reshot those scenes.

  • UncleFan

    I hate to be the lone hater… but I’m not happy with this concept. Why did they pair an upbeat sounding song with “sad song” visuals? A Pink don’t even smile once during the video or the stages. What were they thinking?!

    The song is good, the girls look better than ever, but the concept is flawed, IMHO.