4l chany up and down
4L started their career by copying the legendary STELLAR, and now they’re jumping on the EXID bandwagon.

Chany, the only member of Four Ladies that didn’t let a backyard plastic surgeon completely butcher her face, has uploaded a skanky Hello Venus-esque dancer cover of EXID’s “Up & Down” in a bid to become the next Hani–and by dance cover I mean it’s Chany humping thin air while a camera’s zoomed in right up her twat and A hole (A, A, A, A!).

As a 4L fan who recognizes that “Move” is actually a legitimately good song, I approve of this dance cover.

Also, just because I love you, here’s a bonus video of 4L whipping a crowd of soldiers into a frenzy with their elegance and natural beauty.