t-ara little apple
Korea was a cute market for T-ara to play in for a while, but it was just too small (both physically and mentally) to handle a group of T-ara’s magnitude. They’ve won every award, topped every chart and beauty ranking, hosted every show, acted in every movie and drama, and suffered through every scandal imaginable. There’s nothing left for them to do in their home country, which is now ruled by slutty girl groups and YG try-hards. Leaving T-ara in Korea would be the musical of equivalent of confining Marco Polo to Kentucky, or limiting Jennifer Lopez to just one field of the entertainment industry.

T-ara’s also already conquered Japan, to the point that they killed the entire hallyu wave over there, so they’ve now set their sights on slaying each and every one of the 1.35 billion people in China.

The girls have dusted off the anti-hater brigade T-ara N4 (now with Qrisus Qrist in place of Ahroooooom) to give Soyeon and Boram some free time to get more plastic surgery, and teamed up with the AMA-winning Chinese duo the Chopstick Brothers for a bilingual remake of their recent hit, “Little Apple.”

“Little Apple,” for those that don’t know, is a novelty song that became a viral hit in China this year (think the Chinese ‘Gangnam Style’). Like most novelty songs, snobs consider it to be low-brow trash with no artistic value whatsoever, so who better than T-ara to turn this ditty into a masterpiece with their signature brand of never-been-done-before EDM and two-dollar dubstep beats.

The result is basically a T-ara remix of a really good Orange Caramel song. Of course, because it’s T-ara it’ll be written off by the ignorant and uncultured (why you hatin’!?) as generic garbage, whereas if it was Orange Caramel people would be praising its sense of fun, cute lyrics, and catchy oriental chorus.

Sigh, the double standards when it comes to Slay-ara.

t-ara little apple

Haters will also say that the music video rips-off Crayon Pop, but it’s actually just a continuation of the goofy “Countryside Life” concept, which was directly inspired by PSY (it shared the same director as “Gangnam Style”). So yeah, this is T-ara doing PSY and T-ara N4, not T-ara doing Crayon Pop.

Got it?

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, please go forth in praise and worship of T-ara’s latest blessing, “Little Apple.”

  • KingBeaArthur

    HYOOOMIIIINNN <33 LMAO @ my thug princess ready to throttle after she didn't get the apple ^-^

    Honestly, Korea fucked up. They crucified the kweens, then continued to abuse them after their names were cleared, and never bothered to appreciated them! Thank Glob they pulled a Jennifer Lopez in "Enough" and got the hell out of there!

    I have nothing negative to say about this masterpiece. That Slayara reign~

    • 364Leinad

      Koreans are one of the lowest consumers of k-pop so it hardly matters. Why else does everyone want to fuck off to Japan, the second largest music industry in the world? It’s hilarious too see k-netizens act like their music industry is so superior and say that t-ara aren’t worthy
      I hear plagiarism is a nightmare for c-pop so I hope their company will find away around it

      • negredo

        i think there is no issues about plagiarism because chopstick brothers also in the MV. it T-ara x Chopstick Bros.


    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KWEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNSSSSSSS OF THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD!!!! The outtakes at the end are give me so much life, I can’t!

    I kid you not, I was watching the AMA’s thinking about how hard it would slay if T-ARA and the Chopstick Brothers came out to bless the lessers with their musical divinity. NOW I find out that the Chopstick Bros actually DID perform but they failed to air the performance, yet I have to sit through 5 minutes of Shitbull perform whatever the fuck he’s trying to shove down our throats. Life ain’t fair.

    Little Apple makes me wet, T-ARA for President.

  • Flop. Let’s see if they can have at least a moderate hit in China, someday. By the way, Slayon Pop and Orange Killamel (sounds like “kill em all”) are better. :v
    Oh about the song/cover, it didn’t sound bad at all.

    • FreakyFlyBri

      Let’s see…

      1.) Flop-Nope. Kind of soon to be labeling it a flop.
      2.) Let’s see if they can have at least a moderate hit in China, someday-Been there, done that, T-ara’s doing this BECAUSE they’ve become so popular in China.
      3.) Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel are better-Big nah.
      4.) It didn’t sound bad at all-Understatement, but the most true thing you said in your entire post.

      • 1. T-ara haven’t had a proper hit since Sexy Love.
        2. Bitch pls. Which of their songs has been a REAL hit in China? Like a real one? Popular? Yes, as any kpop act there, which means NOT popular at all.
        3. You wish. Quality wise, they rule, while T-tanic have just had 3 iconic and good eras (Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey and “let me hit you in the face” Sexy Love).
        4. You’re a T-arafag.

        • negredo

          LOL Crayon Pop nugu?? what’s that? it’s been long time i use crayon. 1 hit wonder and flop forever.

          • Yeah but your irrelevant bullies haven’t promoted communism like Crayon Punk and Red Velvet have, so far.

          • negredo

            LOL. there you go. bullies is your only point. comparing CP nugu & RV nugu to Queen T-ara is dumbest thing. you should wait your group jump into big scandal and you know what T-ara fan feel. and CP nugu exist because of T-ara. you should thankful for that. hahahaha!

          • hahahahhaha have you reaaaaaaaaaaaaally discussed with this prick?

          • negredo

            who is this prick?? ^^

          • Well, it seems that I have a point if you check their chart stats since Number 9. But yeah, T-Ara fans will always be overprotective and act as if everybody hates their idol (+ bash other groups and their fans) before asking. Bother to read over there, and you’ll see you’re being more of a prick than I am.

          • Wow, and you’re the one saying I’m a neofan, when you’re acting as if they had something in common. Not even the same concept. xD
            Oh and by the way, I became a T-ara fan right after they kicked WHOayoung out, mainly because their music got so much better, but I just can’t stand stuck up fans that act like if they were still as big as they were 2 years ago.
            I’m a huge RaNia fan but I know they are flops, and probably dead (musically) right now, so what? There are more groups to come.

          • negredo

            you know they flop but i think it’s inappropriate to say it loud while you inviting all T-ARA hater to agree with you. you say you are fan of T-ARA but you are no sensitive at all. Rania flop and you say it loud in public. you should consider other fan though. we know T-ara not big group now. that doesn’t mean you can bring them down like this.

          • Ok, I see your point, but most of my comments are on a sarcastic or humorous tone, not meant to be taken too seriously. The more I like a group, the more I joke about them, but what’s the problem of being realistic and joking about stuff? RaNia are basically “dead” for the kpop scene, now HelloPenis are following their steps, same for Chocolat, Queen B’z and other groups. It’s sad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t joke about it. See, outside of kpop, I also love black comedy/shock humor, so if I hear a joke about 9/11, people in wheelchairs, diseases, or some crazy stuff, I’ll probably find those funny too (and it’s related as I also find funny joking about things I like, be it a kpop group, a friend, or myself), maybe I’m a bad person, but I don’t think a kpop group’s success is something anyone should take as the most serious thing ever, as they don’t pay our rent or meals.

        • George

          It seems that it’s not popular at all in China.

          • Bitch please, the ORIGINAL has 850 million views there. Do you want to prove something by this? Hyuna’s version of Gangnam Style has 400M views and it’s not a success anywhere, people don’t even know that version. Do you even use common sense? 6M there (for a cover of a song that is as big as a song can get) is like having 500k views on YouTube, hardly a success.

          • It had only been out a day, almost 7 million views is pretty good for that time span LOL. The original took all year to reach 850m.

          • One year? Wasn’t it released last may or something? Anyway, 7M is good for a kpop group, but Allkflop and other sites are labelling this as if it was actually a “big hit” in China, when it’s getting the views mainly because it’s a cover of the song of the year there. That’s why I was saying that.

          • hj

            T-ARA’s Number Nine M/V had over 1 BILLION views there…Lol

          • But are those legit views? Or it’s like what happened with CSS’ Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, that went viral due to fake views/bots? Because it’s weird that it’s just ONE song of them that got so many views, while they’re not a brand there (well, no kpop group is, yet). If they’re real, then great for them, good to see one kpop song succeeding there.

          • empressqri

            10 mil views now! in just a week! praise satan!

        • No. 9 was a hit, it was top five on Gaon and is the most-watched K-pop MV in China, even above PSY.

          Also, Bo Peep Bo Peep was a hit in China too years ago. It ended up being covered by a Taiwanese artist because of the popularity of the T-ara version and then became massive.

          T-ara had way more than three good eras. Have you been into K-pop for long? T-ara was charting hits and No. 1 singles since Bo Peep Bo Peep. Even “I Go Crazy For You” was one of the biggest hits of 2010. Even T-ara’s flops did well compared to most artists. It wasn’t until “Do You Know Me?” that they really had legit flops, and that’s only been in the past year, but their music still got so much attention in China that they were able to sign a multi-million dollar record deal with one of China’s biggest entertainment agencies.

          • negredo

            i think he is new fan. don’t know anything beside cpop & rv. LOL.

          • http://www.last.fm/user/jordi_89

            Again, this is for you. I think I listen to more groups than you, basically because I just can’t stick to one only group of bitches. Oh and my comment about Communist Pop and Red Vulva was humorous, but anyway, kpop fans = no brains, most of the times.

          • Yay, the first time you ever answer to me, you had to reply to something related with your T-ara love, not the few times I actually said things that are worth quoting. u_u
            As I said on another comment, I didn’t care about them before they beat WHOayoung, so the early eras are not that iconic (even if I could dance to the repetitive YaYaYa and Bo Peep Bo Peep all day), I know those were big hits, but their biggest (if my receipts don’t lie) were and will remain Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey (followed by Bo Peep Bo Peep), I just added Sexy Love because it’s my all-time favourite. N9 was a hit, but it wasn’t as much as their pre-bullying stuff, so that’s why I added it (maybe I didn’t, I’m just doing now) to their “losing popularity” eras.
            Their recent “floppage” has been worrying me, considering the other big groups from 2006-2010 have lost a lot of popularity too, there’s no old girl-group left that could beat the rest of the new ones like 2-3 years ago, but one thing is how I feel, and other thing is how I express myself, which usually comes quite “upfront” or “rude” (though in my defence, in my first comment, I just reversed what you said about CP and OC in a humorous tone, like other times I’ve done with 2NE1 and 8NSD IN YOU VERY OWN BLOG, but I see the T-arafans are more overprotective).
            Oh and are you really asking me if I’ve been into kpop for long? You don’t check all the comments an all your posts, I see, I’ve been following your posts for like a year and a half (maybe more? Not sure), but I’ve been into this shit of a genre since 2010. And before I speak about a group I like (I assure you, if I didn’t like them, I wouldn’t even bother trying to put them down and make their fans mad by showing receipts of their last 5 flops in Korea and Japan so they can get off their high horse of whatever’s that called, same for 8NSD, 2NE1 and other kinds of fans), I make sure I check their stats on onehallyu, wikipedia (links included) and/or Gaon to see if they’re really big or not. Some of the replies here or on YouTube, on the other side, have showed me that people are moved by “what their like” and assume based on that, instead of checking their shit.
            About the whole “getting attention in China” thing, well, as China’s music industry is a mess, until they get a REAL digital chart, I won’t trust anything that comes out of the netizens mouths, allkpop, media sites and so on. Weibo music video views are ok for now, though.
            But thanks for the reply, I guess.

    • George

      Crayon Flop??? really? :))))))))))

      • Yeah, their last release went Top 30 at least, T-tanic’s last one didn’t. :3

        • negredo

          30 at least????? T-ARA already swap music chart before.hahaha.

          • Are you dumb? Learn how to read. T-ARA’s LAST SINGLE DIDN’T REACH THE TOP 30. That’s what I said, and also a fact, check Gaon. Little Apple by the way debuted at #70, even lower. Crayon Flop’s last single (Uh-ee) reached the Top 10 even if it was just for a week. Now compare.

    • Guest

      Why did you compare T-ara with Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel in the first place?, I love them all, there’s no need to do that. Flop?, that’s your opinion!, as respectable as it is there are people that loves it, have some respect and take a chill pill.

    • ByronZ

      Why did you compare T-ara with Crayon Pop and Orange Caramel in the first place?, I love them all, there’s no need to do that. Flop?, that’s your opinion!, as respectable as it is there are people that love it, have some respect and take a chill pill.

      • negredo

        i think he is new kpop fan. only know CPOP & RV. haha

        • http://www.last.fm/user/jordi_89

          Here, choke on that, bitch.

          • negredo

            ohokk ohokkk~ im choke. you are last.fm user so? you are expert?

          • No, I posted it so you can check the artists I listen to. xD Anyway, 2NE1 are my most listened group there (for now), but if you check some Arcadey’s blog posts, you’ll see how I’m the first to joke about them.

      • How is “flop” an opinion when the song is flopping in Korea (their main market)? How wasn’t their last single a flop when it peaked at #36 in Korea?
        And by the way, did you actually read the article? So, Arcadey can mock CP and OC in this very article (which I found very funny, by the way), and I, a random user, can’t praise them in return without being bashed and labelled as a hater, an ignorant “new fan” or a prick. Ok, way to go kpop fans. And on the first comments I was just stating facts based on how they have charted for the last 2 years (after the incident), if someone said the same about 2NE1, RaNia, SISTAR (I Swear was a flop for their standards) or Orange Caramel (My Copycat was a flop for their standards, still Top 25 single, though), I wouldn’t be pissed, because I don’t “live” by their success, that’d be stupid.

      • Oh and I just read the last part of your comment. So, I have to show some respect when some people have shown NONE, when I’m just saying that T-ara’s last single flopped, which is a fact? If I said “omg that song sucked”, that would have been “disrespectful” (or an opinion as legit as yours), but I actually love the song. The fact I was talking about is that it tanked on the charts. And if you read the other comments, I’m more “chill” than those, but yeah, fans are most of the times subjective.

  • John Norman

    They performed at the AMAs and I’m just finding out about this NOW?! I’m disgraced

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    now if they could scoot on a little bit below China and hit Taiwan. they could do a collab with Kween Jolin. T-ara XXX Jolin Tsai would be a collab to slay all collabs.

  • ComingforyourRicecakes

    can we put Jessica in T-ara and ft.Kris on the title track for their “Cumming for that Yuan, Absolute Second Album” just to see the netizenbuzz comments?

  • t-errorist

    The music video slayed my titties! That pool and gym scene are easily two of my favorite T-allah moments. The song is cute too.

    Also, I hope T-allah forgive that troublemaker that is causing a ruckus here in the comments. Praying for that ginger demon’s poor misguided soul.


  • Sunny

    video is everything… nothing else needs to be said.

    plus w00t for more Qri exposure!

  • justpassingby

    The MV is Qrilicious..

    • Darwin

      *brings chair* iconic comment tbh

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Song of our generation!

  • Quang Phạm

    Their performance on Music Core slayed!

  • Darwin

    I am so glad my Queen Qri is getting so OVER FUCKING DUE RECOGNITION *staring at you, hating a$$ bitches* Qri is slaying this song and choreo!!! I’m so here for it!!!

    On a side note, Eunjung and her thunder thighs still make me wet af.

    on a different side note T-ara Q4 >>>>>>>>>> T-ara N4 tbh.

  • Mattey

    I can’t believe those guys would give their apples to that basic bitch.