selena gomez heart wants what it wants
Selena Gomez is a cute television actress who has miraculously managed to extend her side career as a pop star beyond the usual 15 minutes thanks to a few good singles and a high-profile relationship with Justin Bieber.

She’s getting ready to wrap up the music thing to focus more on acting (thank god), so to finish up her contract with Hollywood Records, she’s thrown together the handful of hits she has with a couple of new songs for a Best Of compilation called For You. It comes with a brand new single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” which just dropped out of nowhere on YouTube and iTunes.

Selena has no musical identity and changes her sound with every album to match whatever’s on Z100 at the time, so now she’s trying to get in on the fauxternative pop and R&B that’s all the rage. The end result is The xx for tweens in unfinished demo form.

The only selling point to this song is that it’s about Justin Bieber and it comes with a tearful, black & white music video to really get the point across. It’s like back when Britney and JT released pop songs about each other, except that those songs were really good.

Also good, the entire album Bieber made about Selena, Journals.

“The Heart Wants What It Wants”? Not so much.

Out of all the tween albums out this Christmas, I don’t know who would get this when One Direction’s flawless Four will be available for bulk-buy, but I guess not everybody has sophisticated taste like me and my fellow Directioners do.