nick jonas teacher
Nick Jonas is a bad singer with mediocre music, but his shameless transformation from virginal teenager to Sean Cody hunk makes him one of the best pop stars around. After decades of female artists being expected to sexually objectify themselves for record sales, we now finally have a man that’s doing it too, and it’s amazing.

His new single (or is it just a song?) “Teacher” is the best thing to come off his solo album yet. The funky throwback sounds like something Justin Timberlake left off of Futuresex/Lovesounds because it didn’t quite fit in with the more sophisticated vibe of the album, and you know as well as I do that old JT leftovers always equal SLAY.

Seriously, listen to that post-chorus Studio 54 moment — when was the last time you wanted to pop your pussssay so suavely?

Also, that whole “Teacher”/”Teach Her” thing is pretty flawless and clever, amiright?