kero kero bonito
If you’re a fan of SOPHIE’s squeaky electro-pop or just find that the London producer’s music is too out-there to digest, then give Kero Kero Bonito a try.

The British trio’s made up of two cute guys and one really pretty girl (yay!), and they sound like SOPHIE with more J-pop and video game sounds.

And they’re really fun. And the lead singer sings in both English and Japanese. And they’re coming for your fave’s wig! AND SOON EVERYBODY FROM BRITNEY TO KYARY WILL BE CALLING KKB ASKING FOR BEATS!

If you’d like to read a real review of Kero Kero Bonito, then check out what Patrick St. Michael wrote on Pitchfork.

You can take a listen to KKB’s new single “Build It Up” below.

You can also listen to their Intro Bonito mixtape below, which I can personally tell you is very fun and odd and silly and cute and amazing.

If I didn’t have so much stuff embedded in this post already, I’d insert a gif here of one of the Real Housewives bopping along to KKB like a boss.

Oh what the hell.

real housewives gif