jolin tsai play
After dropping the greatest lyric video in the history of mankind, Jolin Tsai has returned with the official visual for the No. 1 rap single of the year, “Play.”

The undisputed new Queen of Hip-Pop (Iggy and Nicki WHO?) parodies The Sims in the colourful clip, which may or may not have been bankrolled by Electronic Arts.

Jolin also pays homage to Heidi Montag’s legendary “Overdosin'” video (the new Princess of Plastic Surgery!), reads Hemingway (Countess of Literature!), gets naked (Duchess of Nudity!) and then shatters into a pile of gold coins (Earl of Wealth and Fortune!).

With all that said, I still prefer the lyric video by far. She should have never released it, because everything after that masterpiece is just going to look inferior by comparison.

Poor Jolin. Her own perfection has turned out to be her Achilles heel.


Let us not forget who REALLY owns the throne.