hello venus wiggle feature
After seeing EXID return to relevance thanks to a viral fancam of member Hani popping her pussy, Hello Venus have now tried to create a ‘sexy’ viral video of their own — and failed spectacularly.

First of all, they’re dancing to Jason Fucking DeRulo, and that ain’t sexy. Secondly, I see both cameltoe AND buttcrack, and that ain’t cute. Thirdly, I’m not going to address the blatantly obvious fact that a bunch of skinny size-zero models are dancing to a song about having a big fat booty.

“Sticky Sticky” has actually grown on me, and the fact that Hello Venus –who were once one of K-pop’s prettiest and most innocent-looking girl groups– is now trying become the next STELLAR is amazing in its trashy desperation, but I’m still not here for this.

There’s only one STELLAR honey, and it ain’t y’all!

  • talinekae

    wow this is pathetic lol…
    They were once pretty great.

  • Nicole Naeun

    A girl’s gotta eat, Jacques!

  • lildarien

    Those poor green shorts :(((((

  • Sunny

    I’m having a hard time imagining that innocent angel Yooara doing this.

    at least the new members seem to fit this sexy image.

  • Johnnyyy

    rarely have I seen anything less sexy than this..

  • 程眉毛

    oh…… then?

  • T-rollypoly

    Come on Jacques! This is fucking great! Kinda awkward but can’t deny HV are still one of the hottest (visual wise) girl groups in Kpop, top 3 at least.


    Omg nooooooooo!!!! This did not just happen…I refuse to believe this is real life rn. No.

  • hahaaha if at least the publicity stunts were on stellar level.

    i think this is funny because they look like a better dancer version of waveya…and prettier, because jesus christ those waveya girls are fugly!

    and i’ve let them go. “sticky sticky” was nice imo, but I CAN’T EFFING RECOGNIZE ANY OF THEM! it’s like a whole new group and musically wise “sticky sticky” ain’t catchy enough for a “debut rookie” to win me

  • Stadium

    Tbh when they went and did that Tea song my interest dropped and then this new era has made it plummet. So disappointing since their first two singles were real good. They’re sort of…like Rainbow? They need to just find the concept that makes them them and then stick with it. Only group who can really concept jump is T-ara, because they always have a t-ara style. <– lmao me sounding like a hardcore stan.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Sticky Sticky was hot. This on the other hand…

  • consuela

    What’s wrong with Lime’s ass? Why does it look like a huge camel toe in the back?

    • UncleFan

      She’s wearing a buttpad, LOL.

  • jay virdue

    i just finished the video,they look really hot!i think they will do well.it’s a catchy tune .

  • Did Waveya do choreo for them?