hello venus wiggle feature
After seeing EXID return to relevance thanks to a viral fancam of member Hani popping her pussy, Hello Venus have now tried to create a ‘sexy’ viral video of their own — and failed spectacularly.

First of all, they’re dancing to Jason Fucking DeRulo, and that ain’t sexy. Secondly, I see both cameltoe AND buttcrack, and that ain’t cute. Thirdly, I’m not going to address the blatantly obvious fact that a bunch of skinny size-zero models are dancing to a song about having a big fat booty.

“Sticky Sticky” has actually grown on me, and the fact that Hello Venus –who were once one of K-pop’s prettiest and most innocent-looking girl groups– is now trying become the next STELLAR is amazing in its trashy desperation, but I’m still not here for this.

There’s only one STELLAR honey, and it ain’t y’all!