hellovenus sticky sticky
You have no idea how thirsty I’ve been for Hello Venus‘ comeback. Firstly, because I’ve loved them ever since the infamous Hello Penus video, secondly, because I love me some generic Brave Brothers’ production, and thirdly, because K-pop has been really boring for the past few weeks.

Now that I’ve seen HV’s new MV, “Sticky Sticky,” I’m not quite sure if I’m disappointed or if I got exactly what I wanted.

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Hello Venus released their last single, the suggestive “Would You Like Some Tea?” In that time, they’ve been dropped from Pledis Entertainment, replaced two members, and been sucked into the Brave Brothers’ machine for a completely new sound and image.

You can split Brave’s work into two categories: there’s the more sophisticated and innovative stuff that used to go to SISTAR and now goes to 4minute, and then there’s the catchy cut-and-paste hits he hands out to everybody else (AOA, After School, BtoB, SPICA, and so on).

“Sticky Sticky” belongs in the latter category, obviously.

Even by Brave standards, “Sticky Sticky” is generic. It lacks any distinguishable qualities, like the smooth jazz of “Short Hair” or the tongue-in-cheek muzak of “Nice Body.”

The same goes for the lyrics (spoiler alert: they’re about being hot and having guys look at you!) and the choreography (out of all the dance moves to steal, why did it have to be SISTAR’s “So Cool” farty diaper dance?).

But I like Brave’s formula, and there is a small part of me that’s satisfied by this. I mean, it’s catchy, right? And some of the members are soooooo pretty.

On the other hand, it’s sad seeing Hello Venus go from being THE breakout girl group of 2012 to being completely indistinguishable from their contemporaries. Will we ever get a song as interesting as the quirky “What Are You Doing Today?,” or are Hello Venus just going to do AOA b-sides from now on?