hellovenus sticky sticky
You have no idea how thirsty I’ve been for Hello Venus‘ comeback. Firstly, because I’ve loved them ever since the infamous Hello Penus video, secondly, because I love me some generic Brave Brothers’ production, and thirdly, because K-pop has been really boring for the past few weeks.

Now that I’ve seen HV’s new MV, “Sticky Sticky,” I’m not quite sure if I’m disappointed or if I got exactly what I wanted.

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Hello Venus released their last single, the suggestive “Would You Like Some Tea?” In that time, they’ve been dropped from Pledis Entertainment, replaced two members, and been sucked into the Brave Brothers’ machine for a completely new sound and image.

You can split Brave’s work into two categories: there’s the more sophisticated and innovative stuff that used to go to SISTAR and now goes to 4minute, and then there’s the catchy cut-and-paste hits he hands out to everybody else (AOA, After School, BtoB, SPICA, and so on).

“Sticky Sticky” belongs in the latter category, obviously.

Even by Brave standards, “Sticky Sticky” is generic. It lacks any distinguishable qualities, like the smooth jazz of “Short Hair” or the tongue-in-cheek muzak of “Nice Body.”

The same goes for the lyrics (spoiler alert: they’re about being hot and having guys look at you!) and the choreography (out of all the dance moves to steal, why did it have to be SISTAR’s “So Cool” farty diaper dance?).

But I like Brave’s formula, and there is a small part of me that’s satisfied by this. I mean, it’s catchy, right? And some of the members are soooooo pretty.

On the other hand, it’s sad seeing Hello Venus go from being THE breakout girl group of 2012 to being completely indistinguishable from their contemporaries. Will we ever get a song as interesting as the quirky “What Are You Doing Today?,” or are Hello Venus just going to do AOA b-sides from now on?


    They pretty much lost me after “Venus” which fucking slayed. “What Are You Doing Today?” was alright and “Tea” was utter shit. This needed to happen but I’m just super disappointed that Ara had to leave the group cuz she is an amazing vocalist. Anyway aside from her the only ones I know are Alice (Kween 10 Second Nana) and Lime, so replacing members and what not isn’t a big deal to me.

    So who the the fuck is the blonde one??? She is GORGE! Her mouth is HUGE! I bet she can stick her whole fist in there….just sayin. On the visual side of things HV has seriously moved up in the ranks.

    Tell me why their copycat diaper dance is sooooo much better than SISTAR’s tho!

    This song took two spins and I’m all in! I think I saw them going in more of a Sweet Tune direction but whatevs. I love the vocal variations that the girls bring in an attempt to distinguish “Sticky” from every other BB song. As far as getting stuck with AOA b-sides, I’m cool with it, at least we’ll know it’ll slay.

    • KingBeaArthur

      That’s my ex wife & bias Nara!

      • MIKEE

        Omg thanks! I’m in love with her! Omg why is she ur ex-wife tho??

        • KingBeaArthur

          I moved on to AOA’s Hyejeong ^-^

          • MIKEE

            Lol I don’t blame you…it’s all about Alice anyway :-D

  • KingBeaArthur

    Huh. Count me among the disappointed.

    Working with Brave seems to be a right of passage nowadays. And while I usually end up loving the song (still undecided on “Nice Body” tbh. It’s growing on me) this one just isn’t doing it for me.

    MV wise: concept was meh, but Nara looked fantastic! I’m shocked they blatantly stole not only the stinky fart wave but Girl’s Day’s groundbreaking reverse cowgirl dick bounce from “Something”!!!

    At least we’ll always have “What Are You Doing Today”…

    • I pretty much agree. I mean it’s catchy but… Yawn. It would help if like I said there was something distinguishable about the concept or song, a slight twist on the BB formula, but there isn’t.

  • I can hardly recognize any of them, but they look great and that’s what counts.
    Whisky sounds like it samples something familiar..

    Brave brothers is so lazy with this song “oh oh oh” and don’t forget the drummy thing which ends the song…

    Did anyone notice the NINE MUSES – GLUE dancemoves?
    Off topic: Still kinda dissapointed NINE MUSES never worked with Brave Brothers, because for a more mature group their pitch was J-pop kind of high at times.

  • CY

    Agreed with everything, so disappointed. Whatcha Doin Today is so fantastic and different from most of the other BB fodder that I wish he tried more often

  • oneclearnight

    Even AOA have better b-sides than this tbh. What a snoozefest. Hopefully he actually tries for AOA’s comeback.

    Rather than sexy, I think most of the choreo was awkward. The girls are gorgeous though, omg bb Yooyoung looks so grown up!!!

    I am sad about HV losing their identity as a band and morphing into an AOA knockoff though. Their debut was successful and then after that… damn you Pledis. You mismanage all my faves :/

  • Nicole Naeun

    Bored. Next>

  • byoing~byoing.

    Hello Venus 2.0 reminds me a lot of Sugababes 4.0. They needed a breakthrough hit with their improved visuals, but they were handed shit like Sugababes were (About A Girl/Wear My Kiss/Freedom were all just terrible). I barely recognise any of the original line up too – they really need to give Lime back her lime coloured hair or at least give her the pixie cut again. I’m just so disappointed with Fantagio – they have all the pieces of the puzzle there, they’re just plain awful at putting them together.

    • i feel exactly the same. i would’ve liked the girls transformation if only i could have recognized any of them. especially LIME!! my bias was always perfect with the either platinum or green hair…now she’s just everyone else. and WHERE ARE THEIR RAPS? lime is an awesome rapper because she sounded like she was having fun, they used nothing of her talent.

      the song is a meeeeh too

  • Raines

    I like it. The song was kind of low effort but the video is great. The girls look amazing. No Brave song is really “bad” this one is just kind of uninspired.

  • UncleFan

    The big screw up with this effort is that they didn’t do anything with LIME, who is arguably their best/hottest member.