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JYP idols are easy to like, so it wasn’t hard for me to stan for GOT7 even though their debut single “Girls Girls Girls” was one of the worst songs of the year. Thankfully they quickly followed it up with one of the BEST songs of the year, “A,” which not only validated my love for them, but also proved that it’s impossible for any song called “A” to be bad.

Just like “A,” GOT7 are back to balancing bubblegum pop and hip-hop on their new single, “Stop Stop It.” Walking this fine line is the group’s strength, and it gives them a very identifiable, youthful sound that recalls the vibe of early-2000s boy bands without being a blatant retread of the genre.

Along with their young sound come typically teen-targeted lyrics, like the ones in “Stop Stop It” that so perfectly tap into blossoming adolescent sexuality.

Stop it stop stop stop stop it / When I feel your touch it triggers the alarm,” they sing on the chorus, their voices swathed in Daft Punk-ish autotune. “Whenever we talk you slightly hold me by the arm / I want to turn around and hug you tight.”

I know a few members that could hug me tight… *cough* Jackson *cough* 

The styling in the song’s official music video is a modernized version of the baggy Tommy Hilfiger hip-hop garb that was so big in the ’90s and the fashion of turn-of-the-millennium Korean boy bands like H.O.T. Just like their music, GOT7’s style pays homage to a past time in pop music without just lazily rehashing it completely. I can’t think of any outfits I liked more in a boy band video this year than GOT7’s overalls. (Probably because I was trying to buy leather overalls online about a week ago, then backed out when I saw that they cost over a grand.)

It helps GOT7’s likeability that they’re one of the best-looking boy bands around right now, but even without the good looks, they’d still be better than their rivals. Like most YG artists, Wiener are infuriatingly safe and mainstream in the worst way possible, and the robots from EXcrementO will never be interesting to me no matter how many amazing songs they release (and they’ve had a few).

#TeamGOT7 #TeamLOVELYZ #DisbandWiener #DisbandYGSNSD #StopEXO #TVXQStillDaBest #ShiningSHINee

  • James Smith III

    Yasss love that maknae died his hair blond, it makes him stand out more.

  • Marhaebwa

    #TeamGOT7 #TeamLOVELYZ #DisbandWiener #DisbandYGSNSD #StopEXO #TVXQStillDaBest #ShiningSHINee

    All my current views of KPop at the moment!

    Anyway, Got7 are the most interesting “Big 3” rookie group for me. JYP himself doesn’t identify as a Big 3 label anymore, and they still kill it. They are so refreshing – not like their stale counterparts.

  • 364Leinad

    Youngjae is so beyond basic, please get rid of him. Replace him with that hottie from A-Jax thanks×682.jpg

    Too much vocal wanking for my liking. The chorus would sound so much better if it was just that robotic instead of them crooning over the top.

    JB meets required standards and I’d let Bam Bam give me head.
    That will be all

  • Steve

    This does nothing for me.

    RAIN changed my life and made me see the light last week

  • Dhruv Angrup

    their mvs alone shit over any of exo or winner’s releases………
    plus the songs are fun & catchy as hell and don’t try to be serious/pretentious/boring(winner) or just plain weird(exo)

  • LOVE that they have the girl listening to heavy metal or something. In my mind when she saw JB, she was like, “Why is this teeny bopper talking to me? Oh well, gonna go thrash some more in my room.”

  • Yup… Jackson Wang could get it.

  • loved the song.

    but the one thing that struck me all along is JYP’s string of infamous and ugly male outfits is worrisome! those overalls are AWFUL and make them look like twink pervert live versions of chucky

  • it is absolutely wrong how attractive i find yugyeom #plsbecomelegalsoon

    • “it is absolutely wrong how attractive i find yugyeom #plsbecomelegalsoon”

      Welcome to my world