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Kim Kardashian thought that she could #breaktheinternet with her perfect titties and Krispy Kreme Glazed Original derrière, but that was until a photo of Bi Rain naked in the shower hit the web.


The photo, which is allegedly Rain but is censored so no one can really tell for sure, was rumoured to be taken from girlfriend Kim Tae Hee’s mobile phone (which was recently lost, ALLEGEDLY).

Is this really Rain? Nobody knows. Is the guy in the photo the hottest thing ever? Yes, yes he is.

All I know is that this is me right now looking at the photo:

farrah giffarrah abraham gif 7
Anyway here it is, censored, but still amazing.

And no, I don’t know where to find the uncensored version. If I did I wouldn’t be writing this post, I’d be up in my bedroom listening to “Hip Song” and doing god-knows-what.

bi rain naked photo

[Via Koreaboo / Cloudzoa]