namie amuro jolin tsai
Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t come up with a pop diva collaboration as flawless as Japan’s ageless angel Namie Amuro and China’s H.B.I.C. Jolin Tsai. It’s something so utterly life-changing that one wouldn’t dare to even think of it due to the crushing disappointment of it not being a reality.

Well people, I am here to tell you that it is actually happening — that is, if a Taiwanese website called ET Today is to be believed.

ET (the website, not Namie) reports that the J-pop empress is in Taiwan to shoot a video with her holiness Jolin, and they’re offering a blurry photo of Namie and her entourage in Taiwan as proof.

If this is true, pop music as we know it will surely be changed forever. Diva collaborations like “Telephone,” “When You Will Believe,” “Beautiful Liar,” and “Can’t Remember To Forget You” will cease to exist as a new gold standard is set by Asia’s finest. Only “The Boy Is Mine” and the Rishi Rich Desi Kulcha Remix of “Me Against The Music” will remain.

I can already see it now. This:

Plus this:

Equals this:

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