aoa like a cat
AOA are back with a new single called “Like a Cat,” and I’m pleased to report that it’s way better than Hello Venus’ “Sticky Sticky.” Unfortunately, it’s not as good as the mind-blowing “Miniskirt,” which is what you’d hope for now that AOA have collaborated with Brave Brothers for the third consecutive time this year.

In Brave’s defence, “Like a Cat” isn’t nearly as lazy as it could’ve been. He opens it with some nice dancehall sirens before Korea’s new Queen of Rap Jimin launches into the best spoken-word intro ever (“Hey! No matter where you go, the pretty girls are AOA! You know, I’m good, I’m hot, I’m fresh, I’m fly!“).

The production hits pretty hard, and it’s always fun to listen to Brave’s music closely to pinpoint all the new sounds and instruments he’s added to freshen up his tried-and-tested formula. Also, AOA are at an advantage to some other girl groups thanks to Jimin, whose squeaky rapid-fire rap breaks sound remarkably distinctive in an industry where all idol rappers tend to sound identical.

So yes, “Like a Cat” is a decent enough song, but it’s not the song that’s the problem — it’s everything else.

The cat burglar concept AOA adopted for this comeback sounds good on paper, but in reality it’s nowhere near as amazing as you’d expect it to be. Their old choreography was better, and the official MV is centred around a clichéd bank heist, which at this point has been done to death both in the east and in the west. SECRET did the robbery concept to perfection in “Poison,” and their video wasn’t stuffed full of shameless product placement like AOA’s.

How many times do we need to hear AOA doing a Brave Brothers song that’s just a worse version of “Miniskirt”? How many times will they sing the same lyrics about how hot they are because they’re wearing a short skirt/have short hair/are sexy like a cat? How many times do we need to see them get in a conga line and wiggle their butts at the camera? It’s just the same thing over and over again.

I understood why they repeated the “Miniskirt” formula with “Short Hair,” but this is the third time now, and it’s starting to get boring. At least bring back the band unit for a break between the sexy Brave Brothers’ comebacks so we can get some variety.

Girl’s Day have repeated the sexy concept, but all their songs sound different. A Pink repeat their innocent concept, but their songs get better with every comeback. AOA a.k.a. Zzz peaked in January and everything since has been a less good version of what came before.

On a positive note, at least it’s better than that fucking Meaghan Trainor leftover that Lee Hi and AkMu girl put out today.

Also, I’m totally addicted to AOA’s b-side “Girl’s Heart” and I think it has a better chorus than “Like a Cat.” I can’t stop playing it!


  • Nicole Naeun


  • Nicole Naeun

    Omg you totally bitched a lot about GsD changing sound and leaving their signature synth! And A Pink is the ultimate example of boring, the same cutesy crap since debut. At least AOA changed back and forth and always came up with fresh concepts like catwomen, angels, Lara Crofts, professions etc etc!

    • I liked Girl’s Day when they had a comedic concept coz it was their own twist on cute concept, but once they went to sexy concept they changed it for every comeback which is what I mean about liking how they change it.

      And I thought you’re an A Pink stan, yet now you’re calling them cutesy crap? You love cute concept like old SNSD and A Pink lol. A Pink is at least consistent with same concept since debut, whereas AOA just kept changing until they found one that was a hit, and now they just do the same thing every time because it works. They will never reach A Pink or Girl’s Day level unless they start showing more variety.

      • Nicole Naeun

        You know I love A Pink but when it comes to concept, I def prefer AOA who always have specific concept (minus Confused and Miniskit) and it’s always changing, which is why it’s excited. Just like SNSD before The Boys (cheeleaders, military, school girls, lollipop girls, cowgirls etc etc.)

        While A Pink came off as doing the same over and over again since they never have specific concept, they’re like “let’s do cutesy again just change the outfits slightly”.

        Anyway, both love groups, but AOA came out strongly with “Like a Cat”!!!

        • i’m totally with nicole here lol

          although i agree with jacques that a pink’s SOUND gets better at each comeback, their concepts are pretty much the fucking boring same. if it weren’t for eun ji i wouldn’t even see their mvs and live perfs.

        • Dhruv Angrup

          the difference is that snsd’s songs also sound different and not just the costumes………..

      • Guest

        I don’t think she’s Apink stan, she just use the name.

    • Suzy Sooyoung

      This catwoman concept was as dull and as unsexy as Anne Hathaway role as catwoman..

  • Steve

    Agreed. I was bored, partially because I think almost the entire video was in slow-motion.

  • samm

    I do agree, but at the same time, it’s working for them. AOA have said that they will return to their band concept when there popularity is more stable, so them repeating similar sounds/concepts isn’t all that surprising. They want to be a stable artist who won’t suddenly fizzle out when they release a song a little bit less commercial K-Pop.

    I mean, you’ve gotta hand it to Brave – despite how many times he recycles the same sound, most of the time it pays off (well, for any mid-tier group anyway)

    • byoing~byoing.

      I don’t understand though – they’re making a name for themselves for being sexy and not sticking to their original concept of these fallen angels and that half angel bs. I mean, I loved their first two singles to death so I’m all for them going back to that sound, I just don’t know how well it’ll be received if they’re not doing their sexy concept. :

  • byoing~byoing.

    Yasss! This is why I come back here all the time ’cause you actually listen to the mini album! The mini album is actually pretty solid in terms of diversity. It’s not on the same level as T-Ara’s mini albums, but it’s still pretty interesting that they can mix it up a bit.
    I think AOA is trying to get their foothold in the K-Pop industry much like SISTAR did. Push Push, Shady Girl, How Dare You and So Cool were pretty cookie cutter Brave Bros. sound (yes, they mixed up the sound a lot more than AoA has though). Hopefully they’ll try to mix it up soon though ’cause like you said, I don’t know how many Confused rehashes South Korea can handle… but then again, they stanned for 2NE1 for how many years?

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This song is completely dull and y’all will deal and stop listening to it in the next 3 days.

  • Louisxvi

    How can anyone not like the video tho? All the girls were at their hottest here and Seolhyun exceeded all female idols when she did the laser dodge moves. I mean this is the song that makes me like AOA. They legit have no ugly member. Their dance moves were pretty hot too.

  • oneclearnight

    Girl’s Heart is such a jam!! I think AOA have some pretty good b-sides tbh. When Sistar worked with Brave consistently a few years ago he gave them some pretty terrible leftovers.

    There’s so much going on in Like a Cat but I kinda like it. The ‘la la la’ hook is so damn catchy, replacing Brave’s usual variation of ‘ooo ooo ooo’. Miniskirt definitely reigns supreme, but I like this more than Short Hair. Recently I’ve been listening to their discography alot though, and I miss their band music too :(

    I love the cat concept, the mv is fine. But the choreo is so lazy?? Even the butt shaking is pretty lackluster. They could have killed this with the right choreography!!!! Someone at FNC needs to be fired.

    • FNC choreographers for AOA are just lazy! they hit their peak with “confused” and “miniskirt” [for the chair dance part only], but all the rest is pretty much the same.

      and i’ve always loved their band stuff. “love is only you” and “temptation” from their debut single-album are AMAZING! but of course, b-sides are totally irrelevant on k-pop field so nobody really paid attention to them.

  • Db

    I think Miniskirt is far superior, but I took to Like A Cat much faster than the latter. It took me months to start liking Miniskirt.

    This is a pretty good effort in my opinion.

  • johnnybravo831

    I ain’t really mad at the full choreography though. Hyejeong.Linus is KILLIN dem visuals, even in LQ! Haha.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Agreed 100% that the song, while nothing extraordinary (I’m already kind of over it tbh), isn’t the problem with this comeback! The mv bored me to tears and the choreography isn’t anything interesting [“oh look, they’re acting like cats.. yay?”].

    I wish they’d hooked up with Duble Sidekick instead of going with Brave for the 3RD TIME THIS YEAR!!! smh

    I just…I don’t care.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Oh, and “Girl’s Heart” >>>

  • lol you’re getting to be very unpredictable lately, i thought you’de love this song and concept… but well, i liked this one waaaaay better than “short hair”.

    but well, AOA were never that great with concepts. the whole angel shtick FNC put them up to on the their debut year was just plain ridiculous and had absolutely nothing to do with any of the songs released. at least their fetish-era (secretary, professions and felines) has more sense with the songs they’re putting out with brave brothers collabo.

    again, i prefer this one over “short hair”, and if we consider their whole effort this year as if it were a one piece release, they’d sound very cohesive. lol alright i’m just being nice with them. but anyways, it’s no overwhelmingly interesting but it’s fun. i personally like it a lot.


  • 364Leinad

    Omg! They’re tributing T-ara! When will your fave?

  • TerriDesu

    hmm they’re not..fierce(?) enough to be cat burglars lol,good concept but poor execution .