tulisa living without you
I despised Tulisa up until her whole drugs scandal, which opened my eyes to what a divine silicone QUEEN she truly is. How could I not stan for her after learning that she believed 21st Century Fox were going to pay her $4 million to star in a Bollywood-Hollywood co-production alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz? And watching her cry about having to move out of her enormous mansion on her staged post-drugs The Price of Fame reality special was just the cherry on top of her trashtacular flawlessness.

Also, this entrance >>>>>>> your life.

Tulisa’s now trying to make a comeback, which includes reviving her fucking abysmal singing career.

To do this, she’s completely knocked-off Kiesza’s “Hideaway” (currently one of the highest-selling hits of 2014 in the UK) for her new single, “Living Without You.”

Is “Living Without You” better than “Hideaway”? Fuck no. Is it better than all of Cheryl Cole’s new music and everything Tulisa has ever recorded before? Hell yeah it is.

Take a listen to Tulisa’s latest turd below.