taylor swift out of the woods
I’ve been feeling weird about Taylor Swift ever since “Shake It Off” dropped, and I still feel the same after hearing her new iTunes promo single, “Out Of The Woods.”

Not weird as in I think she’s bad now, it’s just weird that I don’t care about her any more when I was so completely obsessed with her during the Speak Now and Red eras.

“Out Of The Woods,” co-written with fun.’s Jack Antonoff and co-produced once again by Max Martin, delivers dark and serious Tay Tay with a sound that’s like a modern take a dramatic late ’80s soundtrack cut.

It’s kind of great, especially after the “Hey Micky” fizz of “Shake It Off,” but I already have Haim and a few Preatures singles to satisfy my need for catchy ’80s pop-rock. Taylor used to give me something I couldn’t get elsewhere, but now I have to use a combination of Kacey Musgraves and post-comeback Hilary Duff to try and recreate that special Swift genre (it still isn’t quite the same).

Like I said in my “Shake It Off” review, I don’t think anything Taylor Swift does is going to capture my interest until 1989 drops and I can just listen to her shiny new sound as a full body of work. I already know her new songs are way above average as far as top forty American pop goes, I’m just waiting for my brain to flip a switch and make me care enough to want to listen to them.