strawberry milk ok
About a month ago my friend and I were talking about how Orange Caramel’s act has grown a little stale and how we miss the days of “A~ing” (arguably their finest moment next to “Lipstick”). The trio’s once-polarizing tackiness has been eroded thanks to their new europop sound and pretty image (fronted by Nana, who looks like some white model), making Orange Caramel the cutesy K-poppers that are cool to like and accepted by all.

This has left Crayon Pop as K-pop’s cornballs, who, after a flash of popularity last year, are now back to being considered a joke — just like Orange Caramel used to be. Unlike OC, CP still look little girls, their outfits aren’t kitschy twists on trendy fashion, and their music doesn’t try to pander to people who typically abhor cute concepts like OC’s now does.

What’s the point in stanning for an aegyo group if they aren’t sugary enough to piss off the dumb dumbs at Seoulbeats and Netizenbuzz? How boring.

Crayon Pop, a.k.a. Slayon Pope or The Divine Five, have now made a concentrated effort to fill the space OC abandoned with the launch of their first sub-unit, Strawberry Milk.

The duo, made up of Crayon Pop’s plastic fantastic twins ChoA and Way, haven’t just snatched the candy-coated J-pop image OC used to sport — they’ve taken the sound of Japan as well.

Their hyperactive debut single, “OK,” is essentially just vintage Japanese idol pop with a light K-pop gloss to make it slightly more commercial. It’s like a trip back in time, capturing the classic J-pop sound that’s now been diluted by EDM, and the upbeat 1960s pop-rock that influenced the genre.

ChoA and Way deliver their lines like cheerleaders hopped up on ChocoBalls and soda, chanting endless lalalas and chirping deliriously cute lyrics that read like a checklist of traits a good boyfriend should have.

When picking what to eat / you chose what I want / you deliciously feed me / OK! OK!” they sing. “When I’m in a rush and have no makeup on / You tell me my bare face is pretty too.”

The music video is heaven for anybody that loves a good cute concept, with the 24-year-old twins looking a mix between an innocent first crush and the adorable little sisters you always wanted.

“OK” has already tanked in Korea, but not to worry; Crayon Pop have signed a Japanese record deal and are preparing to officially debut in the country soon, which explains Strawberry Milk’s J-pop concept.

Hopefully they’ll take off overseas, because I’d hate to see Strawberry Milk lumped in the same category as useless forgotten sub-units like Jewelry-S, ZE:A FIVE, Dasoni, and uBeat.

At the very least they deserve a top thirteen Oricon hit like QBS, a.k.a. the superior TTS!