red velvet be natural
I’m already a huge fan of SM Entertainment’s Red Velvet and their cutsie, f(x)-lite debut single, “Happiness,” but I’ve been excited by the prospect of them breaking the SM rulebook by trying out a sexy concept.

What I thought would take a few years to happen has only taken a few months, with Red Velvet returning today with their second single; a cover of S.E.S.’s slinky R&B hit, “Be Natural.”

Right off the bat you can tell that this was a rushed comeback to try and deflect attention from Girls’ Generation after they kicked out Jessica for launching a plagiarized fashion line and dating Tyler Kwon, a.k.a. Yoko Ono with a receding hairline.

Red Velvet’s version of “Be Natural” is virtually identical to the 2001 original, which makes releasing a cover as their second official single pretty pointless, while their performance –while solid and visually appealing in all the right places– resembled a mid-year special or sloppy awards show where the artists never have enough time to fine tune their choreography to K-pop’s usual pristine standards.

“Be Natural” is a good song so it’s going to remain that no matter who sings it, and Red Velvet are still one of the year’s best rookie groups, but this whole comeback was so obviously a last minute thing that it’s hard to even treat it like an official single.

On a positive note, it’s nice to know that Red Velvet can pull off a completely different sound and style to the one they showed on “Happiness,” and I’m definitely still going to download “Be Natural” when the MP3 drops on October 13. I just hope SM can start treating Red Velvet like a real group instead of just something to rush out whenever they need to bury a scandal.

Update: Just watched the official music video.


How was the performance so underwhelming, yet the MV so flaw-free, legendary, and iconic?

  • Guest

    Watch the MV and you’ll change your mind about it.

  • Tetramorium jedi

    Watch the MV and you’ll change your mind about it being rushed.

    • Yeah, you’re totally right! WOW! I still stand by my points of them putting out a note-by-note cover of an old song being totally pointless for a second single comeback, and I do think this was definitely rushed, but the MV definitely elevates the whole thing.

      • Tetramorium jedi

        yeah I agree, This was definitively rehearsed and recorded during their pre debut days. But it shows what these girls are capable of. Nothing more. Waiting for the single for their first album with excitement. Hope is a dance sexy brand new song (that features no male rookies)

      • Tetramorium jedi

        Also the camera work in the music show stage was poor. Hope Inkigayo is better, this is Growl choreo female version

  • Good R&B song? You mean boring as fuck right? It was nice for the 90s (or dead early 00s), but not for nowadays’ kind of music. I would take their anti-capitalism “fuck the money, fuck the power” #9 smash debut single over this one, that will probably be more successful as there are no more relevant girlgroups in SM anymore (after f(x)’s Sulli alleged pregnancy and departure and SNSD kicking out their most relevant and second most beautiful member -also known as Queen of Korea- Jessica).

  • KingBeaArthur

    [LIVE STAGE] Well I loved it! They get a pass for any errors b/c: A) they’re still rookies B) this was their comeback stage and C) EXO’s pre “Wolf” stages.

    [MV] Budget done right! Glad SM put some of their sets to good use! And hellooooo Taeyong! I’m praying you aren’t underage, cuz I want ya ^^


    • Marhaebwa



  • Tetramorium jedi

    post the official link please. It’s out

  • talinekae

    “this was a rushed comeback to try and deflect attention from Girls’ Generation after they kicked out Jessica for launching a plagiarized fashion line and dating Tyler Kwon, ak.a. Yoko Ono with a receding hairline.”

    Why are you so damn funny?

  • UncleFan

    Watched this back to back with the SES original; I think it’s interesting how SM favors dancers over singers now. I like Wendy, but she’s no Bada, and the other 3 girls don’t even sound as good as just Eugene and Shoo.

    But none of that really matters because Red Velvet is cute as fuck and I’m already a hardcore stan!

    • KingBeaArthur

      Eugene was basic then and she’s still basic now! Would steal her hubby in a heartbeat though.

    • mhl

      I would say that S.E.S. were a solid dance group too – especially watching their lip-sync performances of their other hit songs haha….

  • mhl

    Though these girls may be talented in their own rights, in my opinion this simply cannot match the vocal maturity, the class in the dance moves, and the natural sultriness of the original by the veteran group that was S.E.S. Having been their fan since the beginning of the Kpop girl group craze back in the 90’s, I couldn’t help but have this instant defensive reaction at first (“It’s our S.E.S’s song and concept!!!”), but I guess at this point I should just be glad that S.E.S might receive more attention and recognition thanks to this rookie group’s bringing it back? I just hope not too many people will say that this is “way better” than the original. *sigh*

  • johnnybravo831

    Yeah I definitely wish SM wasn’t so obvious about rushing out Red Velvet to cover whatever drama is happening with their other groups. Twice in a row does no favors for Red Velvet or SM.

  • well i didn’t know it was a cover. whatever… this shits all over everything else currently out on k-pop. the song is actually the kind of thing i’m preferring to listen to lately, so maybe that’s why i like it so much; as for the stage, even with the lipsynching they KILL IT! so i’m stanning hard for this song… these little girls are on their great way to be divas!

  • Johnnyyy

    Um… they’re wearing almost the same outfits SNSD wore for their Mr. Mr comeback…

  • 364Leinad

    Well, SM IS and “Entertainment” company and they’re certainly doing a fantastic job of providing that service this year. As per usual, I don’t really care about how many people sing a song or if they like each other or not so long as the actual song being sung is good, and I didn’t fap to Kris, Jessica or Luhan (Sulli was hot though) so their departure means nothing to me. (Unlike the departure of a certain derp-faced titty kween from the the nation’s bullies)
    I was disappointed as soon as I heard that they were covering Be Natural. It was terrible back then and it’s terrible now. A fine example of why nobody cared about K-pop in the nineties. But maybe that’s just me and my dislike of R&B.

  • JammySmoochie

    Now that the Divine Nine is Divine Nine No More and f(x) is nowhere to be found, I guess it’s safe to say that it’s time for Red Velvet to slay. And boy did they slay. Seriously the best rookie girl group of the year. That choreo is everything! And the perfect visuals! I still think Happiness is the better song but this just makes me excited for Red Velvet’s future (unless SM fucks them up, God forbid).

  • O.

    Seulgi is my queen.

  • James Smith III

    These girls are so amazing; and they seem to be SM go to for scandals and I am fine with that

  • Sunny

    the song is great, but i just can’t give a fuck about the girls.

  • RageX009

    “How was the performance so underwhelming, yet the MV so flaw-free, legendary, and iconic?”

    I blame it on MNet’s poor camera angles, I was underwhelmed too when I saw it, cos it didn’t show off the key points of the dance very well. As seen on the MV and subsequent Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo performances, it looked far more appealing. Plus, taking out the rap is a detriment to the whole performance, as I thought the dance sequence was great during that part.