nicole scherzinger electric blue
When I heard Nicole Scherzinger’s zippy “Your Love” and found out that The-Dream & Tricky were producing her entire album, I got excited over her music career for the first time in my life. She may be a hack, but The-Dream & Tricky’s work with Electrik Red and Christina Milian (and to a lesser extent, Mariah Carey) was explosive, so maybe they could do the same thing for Scherzy.

Then I heard “On The Rocks” and “Run,” and realized that Nicole Scherzinger was always going to be Nicole Scherzinger.

Her new album Big Fat Lie is predictably a Big Fat Flop, but besides “Your Love” there’s another semi-decent track on there called “Electric Blue.”

The Prince-inspired number doesn’t really go anywhere and is in desperate need of a hook and somebody more interesting to sing it, but it’s the closest thing to Electrik Red’s How To Be a Lady and Christina Milian’s Elope that you’ll find from The-Dream & Tricky these days.

Take a listen, and then check out some superior offerings from C-Milli and ER (a.k.a. America’s greatest girl group since TLC) below.